The People Of Alabama Chose Country Over Party


There’s a lesson for Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in what happened in Alabama on Tuesday night. Sometimes, you really do have to put country before party. Accused pedophile Roy Moore’s loss in deep red Alabama proved that.

But there’s more to this story than just counting votes, a moral standard, or sending a Democrat to the senate to fill a seat that has been owned by Republicans for the past 25 years. Donald Trump, Trumpism, and the Republican agenda were on the ballot as well. And all of the above were soundly rejected by voters.

From the New York Times,

That Alabama’s voters chose Doug Jones for the United States Senate is cause for celebration. A triumph for decency and common sense in a state that seemed for a time at risk of abandoning both, Mr. Jones’s win narrows the Republicans’ Senate majority and delivers a deeply deserved rebuke to President Trump. It is hard to get too intoxicated by a slim victory over an atrocious candidate, a suspected sexual abuser with bigoted politics, but Alabama, the Senate and the nation will be a whole lot better off with Mr. Jones than with Roy Moore.

The big sell by Republicans for Moore was a desperate plea for another party puppet to vote for an agenda that has little to do with the populist promises Trump made on the campaign trail. Did anyone hear crowds clamoring for debt-exploding tax cuts for obscenely profitable corporations? Were Trump rallies filled with people demanding more air and water pollution, along with the sell-off of our national parks to mining and oil companies? And who ran to a voting booth eager to cast their ballot for a candidate who lies about pretty much everything?

The fact that there were some 22,000 write-in ballots in the Moore-Jones senate race says a lot about the message Alabamians were sending. And you don’t need to be a professional political analyst to decipher it. Anyone was a better choice for Alabama Republicans than an accused pedophile sure to vote with the party to raise their taxes and the national debt, strip them of their healthcare, cut their Social Security checks, and poison the planet for generations to come – all because the greed and cruelty of the donor class knows no bounds, and the Grand Old Party has become their slaves.

Democracy is not dead. Trumpism is.

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Tobin is a political junkie and animal rights advocate who believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they should also be able to stand on line to vote. Tobin is the author of "Afterlife: The Journey of a Dog's Spirit" now available on

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