Mike Pence Keeps Giving The White Man Credit For The Black Man’s Work (VIDEO)

Pence giving the white man credit from the black man's work

Donald Trump has continually, even as President-elect, taken credit for the work Obama has done in his 8 years in office. But it isn’t just Trump that is trying to leech off the success of President Obama and proclaim it as his own. Mike Pence is also toeing this line just like this morning. April 1st, 2017 he took to the stage at Dynatech Diamond in Ohio in front of tens of people spewing a fount of lies and misrepresenting facts as he continued to diminish our former President’s great economic successes. And we mean tens of people. The crowd would have been large for an open mic night at a run down comedy club.

Pence is eager to give Trump credit for the strong economy inherited from the Obama administration

Pence gave credit to Trump for jobs growth and economic prosperity. Trump has yet to pass a budget proposal and is still riding the coattails of Obama’s fiscal policies until they expire at the beginning of the next fiscal year. But Pence knows this. He is simply pumping the base full of lies. But he can always ask the God of his understanding for forgiveness. Lies are okay for Pence and Trump.

Pence and Trump have also been attempting to take credit for the downturn in illegal immigration numbers claiming they alone are responsible for a 60% drop in illegal border crossings since his election. If illegal immigration is down that much because immigrants are terrified of the great leader, then do we need to cut all of these essential agencies to pay for a wall? And while true, there has been that significant decrease in illegal crossings, experts say they aren’t necessarily thanks to Trump and Pence. It seems the only thing they are really responsible for is raiding the homes of the innocent and destroying families. Are these the Christian family values we keep hearing about?

Pence told a plethora of lies which has seemed to be a non-stop policy of misinforming the public to bolster Trump’s floundering and abysmal approval numbers. It isn’t working. Most American’s are not fooled.

Watch him lie below.



Featured image of the tiny crowd and Mike Pence via screen grab.

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