Paul Ryan Admits Republicans Don’t Know How To Govern Anymore (Video)

President Trump, Paul Ryan, and the House Republicans got a stark dose of reality today. The healthcare bill, dubbed “Trumpcare,” was forced to be pulled from the House floor after they knew that they did not have the votes to pass the measure. This came after days of political arm-twisting and various negotiations where 45 met with well over 100 of the Congressional Members to try to pass the legislation. After the announcement that the bill would be pulled, Ryan did hold a brief press conference to explain why the bill had to be pulled. He admitted they just never had the votes. That much was obvious. But Ryan also admitted that Republicans are not even prepared to lead;

“Moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains. And well, we’re feeling those growing pains today. ” He would later expand on that, saying — “we were a 10-year opposition party where being against things were easy to do. You just had to be against it. And now, in three months time, we tried to go to a governing party where we have to get 216 people to agree with each other on how we do things. And we just weren’t there today. We will get there, but we aren’t there yet.”

Regardless of what Americans voted for in November, one thing it is safe to say they didn’t vote for was a governing party that isn’t prepared or even seems to know how to govern. President Trump’s lack of experience in any governmental capacity was considered an asset by voters, but only because they believed his business prowess would be more of an asset than actual experience. based on his many defeats in his young presidency, even some supporters are beginning to think that wasn’t a good trade-off.

Aside from Trump, in Congress, many of these Republicans have been legislators for years or even decades. To act like they are novices who don’t know how to pass legislation might be viewed by some as utter nonsense. “Growing pains” are something a child goes through. We need adults in Congress.

Ryan also continued to send out veiled threats about “Obamacare collapsing” and that they were actually doing the people who came up with Obamacare a “favor” by repealing and nullifying it. Democrats, for their part, have offered to work with Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act but have refused any kind of repeal. Perhaps Ryan and his cohorts might want to consider working with Democrats to fix problems with Obamacare and move forward instead of insisting on the “repeal” part of the plan. Such a move also might weaken the most dominant group of Republicans in the House, the Freedom Caucus — if any actual bi-partisanship takes place.

Check out Ryan’s press conference below;

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