No Trump, The White House Is Not A “Dump”

Dear Mr. President,

It just came to my attention that you called our nation’s White House “a real dump.” I cannot say I am all that surprised, especially considering your behavior during the campaign. After all, it was you who mocked a disabled reporter, accused Megyn Kelly of bleeding by saying: “there was blood coming out of her whatever,” due to her asking you a question you felt unfair during the Republican primary debates, picked a fight with the Kahns, a Gold Star family whose “son was killed during the Iraq War in 2004,” and this was just a taste of what was to come, wasn’t it?

Then we shifted to the General Election season, and oh boy, you surely did not let up one single bit, did you? No! In fact, you raised the stakes here by arguing how your political opponent was “crooked,” with your rallies being led with your supporters chanting “lock her up,” referencing your political opponent. If all of this were not enough, you proceeded to intimate how you “believed the results of the election were rigged,” prior to the outcome being decided, and you hinted at how you would accept the results if you were the winner, leaving this nation in suspense at what might just occur had your opponent won.

And then, there was the violence at your rallies. We witnessed one of your supporters sucker-punch those who merely attended your rally to voice their opposition to you, and in one instance saw a sixty-nine-year-old woman using oxygen knocked to the ground.  You even agreed to pay their legal fees and said so publicly inciting further violence.

And despite all of these events, – and there were plenty more weren’t there – you somehow convinced sixty-one million Americans to vote for you. On Election night, you told Americans the following:

“Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division. We have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and Independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people. It’s time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans. And this is so important to me.”

However, that is not what has happened, is it? No, far from it.

And for the briefest of moments, the world – and this nation – stood still, awaiting your next move. Commentators believed how you “could be presidential” once you faced the realities of your office. Joe Scarborough – your supposed friend – characterized your victory as “a complete earthquake,” and he surely was correct, because since you won this past November, our nation has been reeling with day to day coverage of some of the most inappropriate behavior ever exemplified by our nation’s leader.

You began your transition by immediately stacking your Cabinet with the very people you alleged your opponent was in bed with, breaking a promise you first made to the people across this land, but especially to those you persuaded to vote for you.  You do remember your commitment made to your supporters that you would “Drain the Swamp,” right? That is kind of difficult to do when you place in your Cabinet several Goldman-Sachs employees – past and present – along with people who are billionaires, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps you never were serious about the claim, isn’t that right, Mr. President? In fact, you stated after the election at one of your celebration rallies how you found the slogan to be a bit “hokey,” and how “you hated it.” Do you need your memory jogged, Mr. President? Perhaps this will assist.

Then there are the persistent attacks against our media made by you. Make no mistake: our media is tasked with holding each and every political figure to account. But what took place during the campaign simply populated into how you govern. You have called the media fake, fraudulent, and labeled the journalists which comprise it, “an enemy of the American people.” Of course, you have no issue calling these same media outlets up for an interview when you want to have yourself covered, that is, through your frame, or your view, do you? But dare any of these outlets report something which you believe to be unfair to you or those in your administration, you immediately retaliate.

And what about the list of detractors you keep? You know, the “shit list” of “Republicans who opposed you” which Steve Bannon encouraged you to keep?

Each day the citizens across this land – at least those who are interested – tune in to their favorite media outlet in the evening to find out what has taken place during the day. We have had reports of you requesting a “loyalty oath” from the Director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, persistent developments of your campaign’s alleged involvement with Russia in order to assist you in getting elected, your firing of James Comey, your recent cyber-bullying and intimation that you were looking for a way to fire the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions; or you’re seeking to pardon yourself, family and aides, and the recent reports that you are trying to block the Special Prosecutor who is tasked with getting to the bottom of what several of our nation’s top investigative bodies believe was “Russian interference in our past election.” Then we have the most recent report that you personally dictated your son’s original statement made to the New York Times when they were going to print the fact that he and others from your campaign did, in fact, meet with a Russian lawyer and failed to disclose it on his original paperwork.

And what to make about your speech to a group of 30-40,000 young children who are part of The Boy Scouts of America? Or, what about your recent claim to the Wall Street Journal that the organization then contacted you after that speech to tell you “it was the greatest speech ever made to them?” According to Michael Surbaugh, the Chief Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, the organization does not recall that conversation, and they remain by their apologetic statement.

Right about now, Mr. President, you find yourself asking what all of the above has to do with your statement – and my observation – that our White House – the people’s White House is “a real dump,” right? Simple.

Any individual who arrives in the office you find yourself would be in awe. He or she would be awed by the fact that the nation elected him or her to represent the entire nation. And while I can only speak for myself here, if I were elected to that office Sir, I would simply be humbled realizing forty-four other men have occupied the extraordinary position I found myself in. You, however, Sir, do not seem to have this sense of awe. In fact, you are flippant in nearly every action you take. What about the recent transgender ban in the military and your supposed “generals” advising you on that course?

As people tune in to their nightly news, many find themselves aghast at what is taking place in our nation’s capitol. Not I. In fact, I honestly do believe you wanted to win this election for one reason alone; to expand your business interests. While I realize this to be my observation, premised on the above, it is something I have a right to. Quick question: have you really separated yourself from business interests you might have? According to this source, you have not.

If my suspicion is correct, Sir, then I can easily see why you made such a comment. You are not in awe of the power, responsibility, or diplomacy required to do your job effectively. You also lack a servant’s heart, a key attribute of any successful leader. But then again: If you are in this to further your business interests, why would you even care?

But “We the People” do care. Please do remember: You sit in OUR House. We pay the rent on that building. So, the next time you feel tempted to go complaining to your wealthy buddies on the links, just remember: You work for us. All of us. And if you cannot do that, then perhaps it is time you look into the mirror Sir and see why the dump exists in the White House, and take the darned trash out by resigning. Because it’s not the building that is a dump but your current presidency.

You have wasted every ounce of political capital once sworn into office. That is evidenced by the recent failure of the Senate to pass meaningful health care reform. Remember your promise to “cover everyone?” Yet, the very people who cast a ballot for you very well might have lost their health insurance because of your flippant treatment of the matter when you said, “Let Obamacare fail. I won’t own it.”

Each and every example I provided above is an example of you either treating the “Office of President,” with flippancy versus awe. This is the example our children are seeing on a nightly basis, Sir. Perhaps you really are there to do Steve Bannon’s bidding when he says he wants to witness the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

Our White House is most certainly not a dump, Mr. President. Look in the mirror. That is what makes that majestic building a dump, Sir: you and every flippant act you take.


Dr. Mark Bear


Featured image via Wikimedia . 

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