Trump: The Part-Time President

Because Business Is Trump's Pleasure

Donald Trump is a salesman. He sells an image, a brand. He lets others slap his name on something and he collects royalties. He sold himself to voters as someone who wins! But his candidacy was bait, and now its time for the switch. Donald Trump is subcontracting the presidency to non-elected right-wing stooges.

We’ve seen what happens when the Donald actually runs something: Trump University, The Taj Mahal, a billion dollar real estate loss in one year. Now the President-Elect has another real estate situation on his hands: the Imperial Donald does not want to commute to DC. HE likes working and sleeping at Trump Tower. So we’re going to have a part-time President. He’ll let Vice President Pence run the country, and he may have the button-downed Mitt Romney handle all the details.

This plan was reported in the media, although Donald never appears to have been questioned on it. Where did Trump get this idea? Maybe from his legal affairs. Donald has been in Court more times than Clarence Thomas.

Why shouldn’t Trump outsource the presidency?  He outsourced his campaign to Russian hackers and his bro Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump didn’t put companies through bankruptcy 6 times without learning anything. There’s a concept of a “stalking horse buyer” in bankruptcy. That’s when you have a prearranged buyer purchase a company’s assets, sometimes concealing who the real purchaser is. It’s a concept that dates to medieval times, when a hunter would disguise himself to stealthily get closer to fowl which he could kill and then eat, or sell.

Trump ran for President, but he never intended to run the country. He just wanted the prized asset, the presidency, without actually being President. He was the stalking horse for the foul alt-right.

Electoral Math for Dummies

We’ll see if his legions of sycophants care. As long as someone is cutting their social security, one thinks they’ll be happy.

And now the foul are getting the fowl.

ELECTION MATH in an instant!

Through a foul.

Featured photo: WJCovaloff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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