I’m Done Being Polite. Trump’s New Years’ Tweet Proves He’s An Asshole

Trump Head Up Ass

What kind of New Years’ message would you expect from the President of the United States? Polite and dignified, as befits the highest office in the land? That shows concern for all Americans, offering a messages of hope in the new year? After this highly contentious and divisive election, maybe one that tried to unite us? Trump gave us absolutely none of those. Instead, he capped off 2016 by being a total asshole.

Trump’s New Years’ Tweet

At the crack of dawn on December 31st,  President-Elect Trump tweeted his New Years’ message.

What the hell, Trump?

Wait, it gets worse. Note that in just 5 hours,, it already had over 144,000 likes and 62,000 retweets. What the hell, America? What in God’s holy name are you doing, liking this?

Enough with calling everyone “enemies.”

“Enemies” means something very specific. People you need to conquer. People you need to force into submission. People with whom you never seek reconciliation.

Real leaders have political opponents. People who they disagree with, but still work with. Leaders work together to run the country. Every time Trump says “enemy,” he is reiterating that he will not work with anyone who disagrees with him. That it isn’t even acceptable to disagree with him. That it’s his way or the highway.

That isn’t leadership. That’s dictatorship.

It isn’t Presidential either. Heck, a pumice rock sitting on a table is more Presidential.  And yes, words do matter. Wars have been started over a few words. And since Trump has insisted he has “the best words,” we have to assume that he knows exactly what he is doing.

True leaders respect the people they work for.

Calling people losers is nothing new for Trump. Consider his tweet from 9/11/13 (which has conspicuously vanished from his feed).

During the wind up for announcing his candidacy, and then all shameful 18 months of the campaign itself, and ever since being elected President, Trump has been an incessant bully. He has displayed an astounding lack of respect for just about anyone who doesn’t kowtow to his every whim. He has openly tormented anyone who is “different.” And now that the election is over, he keeps mocking his political opponents and their supporters.

How the hell can someone Make American Great Again if they can’t stop insulting half the population? If that’s his idea of a great society, fuck Trump.

Mocking people isn’t leadership. As a leader, it’s barely civilized.

Political opposition is built into the fabric of our country. The minority voice is as well. Trump wants to delegitimize, if not silence, both of those. I can’t tell whether he just skimmed over those parts of the Constitution and slept through 8th grade social studies, or just doesn’t care.  Either way, it’s abundantly clear that he is not going to work for all Americans. In fact, we can take that one step further…

It’s pretty clear Trump doesn’t know that the President works for us.

What would you expect from a man who has spent his whole life hiring and firing people. He hasn’t displayed any evidence that as POTUS, We The People are his boss. And there’s about as much chance of him accepting this as that pumice rock from earlier winning the Nobel Prize in Economics.

If there was any glimmer of hope that President Trump would be a better man than he was on the campaign trail, it died this week. Because in addition to remaining a compulsive liar and perpetuating his crooked financial dealings, Trump added traitor to his resumé just 24 hours ago by telling us to “move on with our lives” after the U.S. formally sanctioned Russia for state-sponsored cyber-espionage to influence our election.

This continued behavior is just more proof that he is a grade-A certified asshole. His endless rhetoric of narcissism and bullying is what keeps America divided. Yes, I may be stoking the flames by using this kind of language. But I firmly believe that the only way to unite America is to make it abundantly clear that Trump is doing everything but that.  In fact, I believe he wants to keep us divided. It keeps him in the reality-TV and smut-magazine spotlight he loves, when he should be inhabiting the dignified office to which he was elected.

Although Michelle Obama, bless her heart, tells us to take the high road, there are times and places when it’s appropriate to take someone to the woodshed for a good ass-whooping. No one deserves that today more than Donald J. Trump.

Happy New Years’ wishes to all Americans, even those with whom we most vigorously disagree.

It’s the very least we can do, in the absence of what our future commander-in-chief should be doing.


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