Forget Terrorist Bombings. Trump’s Fragile Ego Is Our Greatest Security Threat

Yesterday, it was a Trumpertantrum against Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The day before that, Amazon and the Washington Post.  The day before that, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Every day, the President of our United States is attacking someone for something they said about him in the media. Trump’s infatuation with how the media portrays him is a sick addiction, which if exploited by our enemies, could be used to manipulate him to do almost anything. In short, Trump may very well be our country’s biggest security risk.

Trumplethinskin vs. Morning Joe

Today’s unhinged outburst from Trump was a full month in the making. It likely started on May 31st, the morning after he tweeted then deleted “confefe.” Morning Joe was fairly merciless in lampooning the man, with the hosts comparing it to “a kid pooping their pants and then saying, ‘I meant to do that.'”

That prompted the RNC (perhaps at Trump’s demand?) to lash out at Morning Joe, accusing Scarborough and Brzezinski of heftily contributing to what they called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” After some back and forth with the Morning Joe team poking at Trump, we came to yesterday.

Trump “Fights Fire With Fire.”

“Every time one of these tweeting disasters occurs,” noted  columnist Gail Collins, “it reminds us that the United States president has no more discernible self-control than a 10-year-old bully who works out his failure to pass third grade by tormenting the little kids on the playground.” And that continues to be the narrative that everyone is focusing on.

The White House can spin it as fighting “fire with fire” but it’s worse than that. As the New York Times reports, “Mr. Trump’s oldest friends say it is difficult for him to distinguish between large and small slights.”

What no one seems to be talking about is how easily he can be manipulated by what people say about him in public. Take this example. The same day that he was live tweeting against Morning Joe, he also tweeted out a completely bogus claim from Fox and Friends that Democrats were holding up all his nominations. And yet Trump had only nominated 110 people out of the 559 open positions at the time he tweeted this.

You’d think he would know that it was his own fault for not even putting forward names for the majority of his open spots. Instead, he just parroted a convenient but untrue insult. If only it stopped there. Check out this report of his own staff using legitimately fake news to manipulate his reactions for their own gain.

Trump vs. Morning Joe reveals how our enemies could succeed in their next terror plot against us.

The narrative about our President needs to change. We can chide and deride him for all the bad things he represents and all the bad things he does, but the fact is, all of these can be exploited to weaponize the man.

A coordinated campaign of feeding him disinformation, on the one hand, and insulting him on the other, can almost certainly provoke him into doing whatever someone wants. They just need the resources to pull it off. Can Russia do it? Between their cyberattacks and a long history of propagandized misinformation, you bet. But ISIS has launched full-scale into cyber attacks as well. Or it could happen much closer to home, from someone with deep pockets and a nefarious agenda.

Yes, maybe this is a little too much out of a James Bond film. But then again, so was the concerted Russian-led meddling in our election. Want to destroy a major multinational corporation? Crash an economy? Or (and this makes me shudder) kill a bunch of innocent people? Just play off Trump’s ego.

Forget treason. Forget dereliction of duty. Heck, forget collusion with Russia. Trump’s ego is our biggest threat, and that needs to be the new narrative.

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