Today’s GOP: If It Weren’t For Projection, They’d Have Nothing To Say

The Conservative Mantra says "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder." Let's Take a Deeper Look

gop projection is the only thing they have

Today’s GOP is a product of many policies and dogma. The sum total of which leaves us to wonder, if it weren’t for projection, would the GOP have anything to say at all?

• Truth & Consequences ~ In 1987, Ronald Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine; an FCC policy established under Harry Truman, that required all broadcasters to report “honest, equitable and balanced programming.” As a result of Reagan’s revocation of the doctrine (originally suggested by media mogul Roger Ailes to Richard Nixon), the concept of conservative talk radio and partisan news was born. And its offsprings, Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, etc., continue to misinform, disinform and flat-out lie to the American people to this day. Roger Ailes’ grand experiment, which was patterned after the Nazi propaganda machine of Joseph Göbbels, has probably done more to divide America than anything since the Civil War.

• The Iraq War ~ A wholly unnecessary conflict based on lies, greed and a son’s personal vendetta that resulted in 4,500 dead Americans, possibly 1M Iraqis killed, 2M refugees, cost over $1T+, gave rise to ISIS, and displaced Vietnam as America’s biggest foreign policy blunder.

• Rejection of Climate Change Science ~ Despite the fact that’s there’s a near 100% consensus amongst climatologists that carbon levels due to human pollution is affecting the planet’s weather patterns, the most powerful voices in the Republican Party continue to deny it, including sitting Senators, Representatives, industrialists, the nation’s #1 talk show host, and the president himself.

• Trickle down economics ~ Twice in the past 35 years, conservatives have forced through their grand experiment: Give big tax cuts to the top 1%, which according to theory, they’ll use those savings to create new jobs for the rest of us. But in both instances, the economy suffered. Unemployment shot up both times to roughly 10%, the most hard hit being the African-American community. Those who benefitted the most, that top 1% who today own more wealth than the entire lower 90% of the population. So what’s the conservative solution for their first two failures of trickle down? They just didn’t cut taxes enough those first two times. The third should be a real charm.

• Education ~ Rather than distributing scientifically vetted textbooks, there’s a push by conservatives (I’m looking at you, Texas) that promotes “alternate” views on everything from science to history, much of which challenges decades of established facts.

• NRA ~ Now an integral organ of the Republican Party itself—as well as many conservative Democrats, the NRA now owns Congress. The net result of one gun per every man, woman, and child in America should be self-evident to all. But the NRA insists there’s no evidence that more guns = more gun deaths. And any Congressman who dares disagree with them, is targeted by the NRA for defeat. And the body count continues to rise… even in our malls, theaters, churches and kindergartens.

• EPA ~ Originally enacted by Richard Nixon in late 197, the mission of the Environment Protection Agency has now been turned upside-down. Current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a Climate Change denier himself, recently said “science shouldn’t dictate policy.” And under his boss’s administration, it doesn’t. And it never will. It doesn’t even have a seat at the table.

• Healthcare ~ A fundamental need for all biological organisms, right? Wrong. Not when there’s money to be made. After literally putting his presidency on the line, President Barack Obama muscled through the Affordable Care Act, America’s first successful attempt at addressing the need and inequality of our healthcare system. The GOP’s response has been to take over 60 whacks at it, all of which have failed. Their current strategy is to sabotage it, a strategy being pushed directly from the Oval Office.

• Benghazi ~ The Mother of all nothing-burgers. Millions spent on chasing a rabbit that didn’t exist. Taxpayer’s money wasted on a smear.

• Stem cells ~ What could be so evil about using unique cells that divide through mitosis to research and create new cures for crippling diseases? Everything, if you let the fanatical “family values” arm of your party to dictate policy.

• Evolution ~ Still just a theory, according to some 85% of conservative Evangelicals. As such, it should be taught alongside with that other “theory;” creationism, that teaches the Universe was created some 6,000 years ago by an invisible being that nobody’s ever seen, who left no proof of his existence other than a book that was written by persons unknown who believed in slavery, and the advancement of one’s tribal needs by conquest and slaughter. Need more “proof” that creationism is a bona fide theory? Stop in at Ken Ham’s Creationism Museum and Ark Encounter theme park in rural Kentucky. Marvel at the diorama of a Triceratops with a saddle on its back… that should be sufficient to convince the most stubborn “creation science” deniers to reconsider their foolishness.

• The election of Donald Trump ~ A man of moderate intelligence, zero political experience, zero knowledge of the issues, zero interest in learning them, and a propensity to lie like nobody’s business, whose only accomplishment in life was to be born to wealth. Trump’s established history of bigotry, shady dealings, ripping off contractors, misogyny, and vile behavior goes back five decades. Then factor in the two breaking scandals of late 2016; the Access Hollywood tape and the Russia-Trump-WikiLeaks hack of our election. Sounds like just the guy you’d want holding the launch codes, huh? Yeah. Republicans did that.

• Without any doubt, the single biggest ideological failure of the last century was Fascism; a form of government that merges government with industry, embraces corporatism and oligarchy, divides the populace by race, culture, religion, has deep antipathy towards immigration, and tolerance for violence at political rallies and even defends police state tactics. So which direction has today’s GOP turned? You guessed it.

Back in 2006, conservative radio talk show host Michael (Weiner) Savage published “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” Those five words have since become the mantra of today’s right: Liberalism is a mental disorder. Take another look at the above list of conservative dogma, then ask yourselves; is it liberalism or conservatism that’s showing signs of a mental disorder? To which, I’d like to add one final bullet point to my list:

• Conservatives would have nothing whatsoever to say if it weren’t for projection. It’s conservatism that’s the mental disorder. Their record proves it.

Featured image via Flikr, CC 2.0

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