The Collapse of American Conservatism

The Party Platform Has Been Exposed For What It Is: A Myth

The four pillars upon which American Conservatives have built their platform over the past half-century have been:

I) National Security

II) Family Values / Morality

III) Fiscal Responsibility

IV) Patriotism

As of the Trump era, Republicans have been stripped of all four. They were never true, to begin with, but now the hypocrisy has been laid bare. They’ve all been exposed as lies, beginning with:

I) National Security

The party that talked tough, that ridiculed the “weak” Jimmy Carter following the unsuccessful rescue attempt in Iran back in 1980, rode that baloney pony for decades. Democrats are weak. You can’t trust them to protect us from evildoers. Only Republicans know how to vanquish our enemies.

That lie began to unwind in early 2001, when counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke started jumping up and down, begging President Cheney and his sidekick George to listen to him about this Osama bin Laden guy. That he was a serious threat. Cheney ignored him. And we all know how well that worked out.

The CIA special team “Alec Station” which was established during the Clinton administration to hunt down Osama bin Laden, was dissolved in 2005. The Cheney/Bush administration didn’t think there was much point in spending good money chasing after bin Laden anymore. The trail had been cold for years. Besides, they were bogged down in Iraq — keeping us safe from nonexistent WMDs — so they decided to pull the plug on Alec Station.

Along comes the weak, untested, allegedly Kenyan/Muslim, soft on terrorism, socialist Democrat with a fake birth certificate. He quietly calls in his CIA Director, instructs him to put everything into finding bin Laden. And three years later, Osama bin Laden finds himself sharing a locker with Davy Jones.

Thus ended the myth of Republican national security superiority.

II) Family Values / Morality

This one never really existed either, but since the GOP had spent decades nurturing the mostly white, religious, working class voters of rural America who felt abandoned by the Democrats following the Civil Rights Movement, they were able to capitalize on their appeal throughout the Bible Belt and beyond. If you were of a particularly conservative denomination back then, say Southern Baptist, the pressure to conform with official church dogma was powerful.

The GOP wasted no time sweeping up these disassociated folks in the late ’60s, and they soon tailored their message with them in mind. This wave of right-wing, religious fundamentalism was supercharged by the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson. The message was clear: If you considered yourself any one of the three, you were encouraged to align yourself with the other two. Conservative. Biblical. Nationalistic. The new Trinity. (Illustrations of a ghostly Jesus with his arm outstretched standing beside Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump still sell well to this day).

That myth too came crashing down. When 80% of the aforementioned “values voters” came out last November and cast their ballots for the thrice married, lying, cheating casino magnate, a man who admitted on videotape to sexually assaulting women at random, they sacrificed forever any such claims to “morality.” To these Christians of convenience, their concern for morality is now confined to a single issue: Abortion. Not a single one of the other so-called moral issues means a damn thing to them. In fact, their hero, the man they overwhelmingly supported last year, has broken nine of the Ten Commandments. And yet, they still adore him.

III) Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility to a Republican is relative to who we’re talking about. Do Republicans want the deficit kept under control and the National Debt paid down? Sure. We all do. But not if it means they have to ask the fat cats who keep them in power to pay their fair share. That’s where they draw the line.

The worst kept secret in Washington is that there’s a symbiosis between Republicans in government and the oligarchical class, and it goes like this: We keep you rich, you keep us in power. The more of us that are in power, the more of your money you get to keep. The more money you get to keep, the more you have to keep us in your pocket, and the cycle continues. Everybody’s happy.

Well, not quite everybody. Everybody except for the lower 3/4ths of society who have to pick up the difference. And if it means passing health care legislation that adds a few hundred billion to the National Debt while kicking 22 million of America’s poorest into the uninsured ranks just to keep those wheels greased, then that’s the price they’re willing to pay. They can just continue to blame it all on the Democrats via Fox News. It’s not as if the average guy in the beer-stained wife beater is going to fact-check Sean Hannity.


So, yeah, fiscally responsible for those who wallow in the river of money. Not so much for everyone else. The GOP controls both Houses of Congress and the White House. They have a veritable monopoly on power, yet the deficit is again on the rise. As is the debt. Let’s see some of that fiscal responsibility “trickle down” to those of us in the trenches.

IV) Patriotism

Please. Do we really even have to go here? The party that inflicted Donald Trump upon the world, who we now have absolute confirmation that his own campaign staff colluded with a foreign aggressor to help him win the 2016 election… is the party of patriotism?And the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, neither of whom will put their country before their party long enough to condemn this attack on our Democracy… they’re patriots? The mouthpiece of the GOP, Fox News, which spent 8 long years lying about Barack Obama, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, and everything else that rubbed their sex fiend president the wrong way… that’s patriotism?

No. Patriotism is when you truly love your country so much that you don’t have to broadcast it. People like Michelle Obama, who dared to take on such “radical leftist” causes as our children’s health. Or people like Jimmy Carter, who left the White House in 1981 and spent the next four decades building houses for the poor, with his own two hands.

Concern for national security, the family structure, basic decency, fiscal responsibility and love of country still exists in America. But it isn’t the property of the GOP. And it never was.

If anything, all they’ve done over the past forty years is reject them. One after the other. They are now the party that empowers incompetence and deceit, tolerates sexual assault, bigotry, misogyny, suborns espionage, and makes a mockery of everything this country stands for.

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