Ted Cruz Suggests That Autistic Kids And Truckers Are ‘Meaningless’ (Video)


Ted Cruz is known for sticking his foot so far into his mouth he craps shoestrings. Like when he insulted “New York values” while running against Trump, in the New York primary. Cruz says some of the most flagrantly stupid things a politician can say. And today, April 3, 2017, is no different.

The battle over Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court is showing a strong party dividing line between Republicans and Democrats. And for good reason. Gorsuch has proven his stance on a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, how he is against the working class, and how he views autistic kids as deserving of less than the rest of us.

The latter he, of course, apologized for. But an apology is meaningless when you make an absurd judgment on the Supreme Court and that alone should leave those on both sides of the aisle questioning his judgment. There is no court above the Supreme Court of the United States which means when he makes a similar mistake, there will be no judge above him to overturn his poorly thought out opinion. Gorsuch will be bad for America.

Gorsuch ruled against an autistic child and Cruz thinks that’s meaningless

But Ted Cruz, the outspoken Texas Senator, who wants to relax EPA standards even after a Texas town was destroyed in a massive ammonium nitrate explosion, thinks Democrats brought up nothing “meaningful” in Gorsuch’s hearing. Even though they railed on his opinion over an autistic child and Senator Al Franken called his ruling on a freezing trucker absurd, to Ted Cruz that is all meaningless.

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To Ted Cruz, any American that is against Neil Gorsuch must also be against the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. Indeed he called the split party vote in the Senate leaving a narrow Republican win today a victory “for those who value and cherish the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.”

Well, Ted, hate to break it to you but liberals founded this great Democracy we enjoy as U.S citizens. Liberals signed the emancipation proclamation into law. Conservatives wouldn’t do things like that. The very definition of conservatism prevents it from happening. The moment you buck tradition and go against the common grain in the hope of making a change for the betterment of your fellow countrymen and indeed, mankind, you are doing something liberal.

There is a reason why our democracy is referred to as a “liberal democracy,” it bucked tradition. Because it promised something radical: That all men are created equal. Something conservatives have never actually believed. They don’t believe you are equal if you are LGBTQ, they don’t think you are equal if you are poor, and they don’t think you are equal if you are liberal or a Democrat as Ted’s statements so proved today.

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See the video below and, as always, resist.



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