The Steele Dossier Revisited: The Pride Of Republicans, The Country’s Fall

Was Christopher Steele's Dossier Fact or Fiction?

steele dossier
President Trump Meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

The following information should give every American pause. Whether or not one chooses to accept the veracity of the Steele Dossier (the compilation of information originally commissioned by a Republican, later picked up by the Democrats), Christopher Steele, an ex MI6 agent, made the following allegations:

• Vladimir Putin has collected kompromat on Donald Trump. Putin began this op on Trump over five years ago.

• The goal of Putin’s op: Deny Hillary Clinton the presidency and install a more Russia-friendly regime.

• Putin’s subsequent agenda: 1) Lift the sanctions imposed by Barack Obama, and 2) Create division in the NATO alliance.

FACT: All 17 agencies of the American Intelligence Community agree: The 2016 election process was attacked, it was attacked by Russia for the benefit of Donald Trump, to the detriment of Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin personally issued the order to do so.

FACT: While the above is a generally accepted fact in the US Government, the glaring exception is the president himself.

FACT: To this day, Trump has never uttered a negative word about Putin. But he has accused the FBI of spreading “fake news,” compared the CIA with the Nazis, fired the Director of the FBI who was leading the investigation and has never once inquired as to the details of the Russian attack.

FACT: Trump has distanced the United States from NATO.

FACT: The Trump White House is pressuring Congress to ease the Obama era sanctions on Russia (The Senate voted 98 to 2 last week to uphold them).

To each of Steele’s points, which first appeared late last summer, the Trump White House is responding exactly as one would expect them to if the contents of the dossier were accurate. But still, there are those who say that since the dossier has yet to be verified to a high degree of certainty, it all has to be taken with a grain of salt.

But then there’s this: According to the Israeli site Ynet, American intelligence agents were so convinced by Chris Steele’s assertion that Trump had been compromised, they contacted their counterparts in Israeli Intelligence and warned them do not share any classified information with the new president, because they feared he’d share it with his overlord in the Kremlin.

FACT: That’s exactly what happened. Only he didn’t spirit it off to the Kremlin via some courier surreptitiously. He personally handed the details of an Israeli op that planted an agent with ISIS, directly in the hands of Putin’s top spy, Sergey Kislyak right in the Oval Office!

The very same Sergey Kislyak who met with Jeff Sessions, that Sessions later lied about.

The very same Sergey Kislyak who met with Michael Flynn, that Flynn later lied about.

The very same Sergey Kislyak who met with Jared Kushner, that Kushner later lied about.

The very same Sergey Kislyak who met with Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and on and on and on.

Republicans, this isn’t complicated. For each of Steele’s assertions, Trump has responded as per the script. I know you still support him because he’s doing what you like, but the fact is, he isn’t your President. He’s Vladimir Putin’s president. If Putin were a Mafia boss, Donald Trump would be his made man. He’s a cog in the Putin Machine. He’s a Capo who just last month told our closest allies in Brussels that there’s a new boss in town. And they got the message loud and clear.

Oddly, Trump seems to think he’s that boss. He’s not. He doesn’t own them, Putin owns him. Vladimir Putin stands today as the most powerful person on Earth, followed by Angela Merkel. Whether Trump himself is intelligent enough to recognize that is anybody’s guess. Personally, I don’t think he is.

I’m more convinced than ever before, that it’s only a matter of time before tangible evidence of collusion turns up at the FBI—if it hasn’t already. Actual cooperation between Putin’s agents and people in Trump’s inner circle, the purpose of which was to fix the election of 2016 for Donald Trump. And the FBI will begin ordering cases of handcuffs by the gross.

Should that happen, the presidency of Donald J. Trump will forever be known as the Stolen Election of 2016. Stolen by a foreign power hostile to our government, stolen from We the People and handed to a charlatan.

To you, the 46 percent of the electorate who voted for this pathetic excuse for a leader, you will refuse to accept that you’ve been conned until the day you die. And the  proverb “pride goeth before a fall” will take on a whole new relevance:

Your pride, your country’s fall.

Featured images via Wikimedia Commons, President Trump Meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Public Domain

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