Sean Hannity Is A Depraved, Lying, ‘Subhuman Creature’

Fox News has been reeling after losing all of their chief bullshit emitters. The only one left in primetime is chief Trump fluffer Sean Hannity. Hannity is such a pathological liar that when he sold his soul to Satan, the devil told him take the money and shut up. There are perhaps a thousand reasons why Hannity is going to burn in hell with Roger Ailes but he’s certainly going to have his profile carved into the granite of Mt. Scumbag because of what he did to the family of Seth Rich.

Hannity, and other Trump apologists are going to hate hearing the truth about themselves:

This is a quote from that 2006 radio show Hannity was hosting about that. Imagine the gall this jackass has to have to drone on about a suicide that happened 13 years before:

HANNITY: Chapter eight: the mysterious death of Vince Foster, part 1. Foster served as deputy White House counsel during the first Clinton administration for six months before his death. But before heading to the nation’s capital, he spent most of his life in Hope, Arkansas, where he and childhood friend and future president Bill Clinton were neighbors.

Now, he worked at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock and became close with Hillary Clinton, who called him “Vincenzo,” and when the Clintons went to Washington after the 1992 election, Foster went with them.

But Foster’s term in the White House was an introduction to hard-knock Beltway politics. He was largely responsible for handling the Travelgate scandal and was responsible for dealing with all the first family’s paperwork related to Whitewater.

Those first months of 1993 were tough on Foster. He was targeted by a series of Wall Street Journal editorials and battled with clinical depression. All of that changed on July 20, 1993. That was the day that Vince Foster got in his car and drove to Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, and he supposedly walked through the woods — and depending on which version of the story that you believe — he took his own life.

HANNITY: Now, these are just some of the mysteries surrounding the death of Vince Foster. Did he have in his possession papers that could have impacted the Whitewater investigation? How was the suicide note missed?

In the minds of some, these questions may have provided a motive for foul play. But the most heated debate over Foster’s death wasn’t political, it had to do with old-fashioned police work — and that’s where we’ll pick up next week when we open up another chapter in the Clintons.

What happened? Nobody knows, except Hannity because he wasn’t there but he did consult a psychic and stared into a crystal ball. If you believe the liberal media and facts, well then you’re just going to hell by Hannity’s logic. You don’t need annoying things like facts to concoct a meal of pure bullshit. What the prince of inanity never learned is that if you’re a dim bulb anyway and you spew nothing but fact-free paranoid conspiracies long enough, you just might start believing them if your parents hit you in the head with a shovel, repeatedly, which obviously Hannity’s parents did do to discipline the bastard.

The evil of Roger Ailes’ legacy was to employ the most dastardly hypocrites imaginable and teach conservatives that facts don’t need to ever get in the way of a good conspiracy. Conservatives are paranoid about everything, collectivism, socialism, gay weddings, the war on Christmas, the outrage never ends. Obama is still on the cusp of launching Operation Grab ‘Em to these gnatwits. Hannity knows how to present a good conspiracy because he is entirely without any ethics or basic human decency whatever.

Conservatives are naturally avoiding the whole Russia collusion thing for obvious reasons but what if there were a way to blame a Democrat for all this? A dead Democrat. Imagine if you will, the wheel’s turning but the hamster is dead in Hannity’s brain. To change the ‘Russians helped Trump win’ narrative, come up with alternative facts and absolve this administration of its criminality by shamelessly exploiting the tragic death of Seth Rich. Of course, one person is not enough to deal credibility to a good conspiracy. You need someone in good stead with your audience to really bring them to full froth.

Hannity’s favorite sounding board these days is that soulless Grendel that passes for an “intellectual” in the right-wing echo chamber, the Newt. Never has the world witnessed a more shameless political whore than Newt ginning up this absurd conspiracy which was first told by Fox News, recited by agents of Fox News and promulgated by these audacious liars to divert attention away from the fact that their president colluded with the Russians and has obstructed justice.

The sheer breadth and depth of Hannity’s heartlessness cannot be overstated. There was no conspiracy except the one he and scumbags like Newt Gingrich concocted out of thin air. But this treachery is not going unnoticed by Hannity’s advertisers who have begun to pull their ads off of his program. Hannity took an unplanned vacation today after the shit hit the fan.

Hannity has continued to spew this conspiracy even after Fox News retracted it.

“The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting,” the network said in a statement. “The article was found not to meet those standards, and has since been removed.”

Hannity is nothing but a propagandist and any company that funds his vile program deserves to go out of business for being complicit in his evildoing. The airwaves belong to the American people and they deserve better than the likes of Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich. We all do.

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