Racist Buffoonery: Parade Float Shows ‘Lying African’ Obama In Toilet (VIDEO)

“I’m not a Republican” — the latest catchphrase for Republicans everywhere. Kind of like “I’m not racist, but” is the go-to line for racists everywhere, and “I’m so sick of PC” being the go-to justification for EXPRESSING said not-racism publicly. You’ll find all of the above in this story; which, come to think of it, probably isn’t that surprising if you’ve already read the headline about this particular parade float.

Even less surprising is the fact that this particular headline story involves a 73-year-old Trump supporter on a golf cart. A wonderful fella named Don Christy, whose hobbies include being white, listening to A.M. talk radio, riding in Independence Day parades, not being racist and not being a Republican. Which totally explains this:

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start from the back and work our way forward.

First, know that this “float was approved by the Lions Club of Sheridan, Indiana: a tiny town which went 65 percent to Mitt Romney in the last election.

We’ve got your standard Barack Obama effigy. A tad darker toned than the real life Barry, but points for effort. This slightly-darker-than-life Barry is being flushed down a toilet with the words “Royal Flush” on it. Which is not, as you might think, comparing brown people to brown-colored fecal matter. Totally not a thing any racist has ever said. Don didn’t even bring attention to Obama’s race; well, except for the placard right below that toilet which reads “Lying African.”

Hey, there are white Africans! Ever seen Die Antwoord?

You’re welcome.

Further up on top of Christy’s “float” is the requisite Donald Trump placard. Nothing particularly out of place for a golf cart clearly supporting Trump’s own not-racist Birther movement. Something which Trump himself has remained oddly quiet on in recent days, since he went from reality TV star to Republican Presidential nominee. Oddly enough, it seems there actually are limits to the stupidity one can espouse as a presidential nominee. But not as the 73-year-old driver of a golf cart in Sheridan, Indiana. No sir.

You have to wonder…was Christy aware of the Lion’s Club plot with the Freemasons to distribute mind-controlling Zionist coffee sweetener in order to kill the Pope and firmly establish a New World Order of Jewish bankers?

Imagine THAT parade float.

But alas, Christy’s Lion’s Club Approved “float” was just Trump-brand Birtherism. Almost seems like a loss, really.
Underneath the Trump placard you’ll see Christy himself. Barely. He’s wearing a blond wig and an orange jumpsuit; his send-up to Hillary Clinton, also part of the Zionist banker Nutrasweet conspiracy. Though that part might not have come across here. The prison jumpsuit is a reference to the email “scandal” manufactured by Not-Republicans a few years ago.

So, yes, there’s a lot of message to unpack with this one old fart’s golf cart. But unsurprisingly, a few LIBERALS weren’t entirely receptive to Christy’s message. Some even felt that maybe a 4th of July Parade celebrating America’s independence and birthday wasn’t the most appropriate place for this sort of Not-Racist Trump sloganeering. From USA Today:

“I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican,” Christy said. “I’m a patriot.”
Christy said he is tired of political correctness and was just trying to be funny. The display was not intended to be racist, he said. Christy agreed that others have a right to be offended, just as he has the right to express his views.

“I apologize to anyone I offended, which would be a total liberal. I have my right to say things,” Christy said. “Isn’t that what the Fourth of July’s about? Freedom.”

Yeah, that’s right!

If you’re in any way offended by this totally Not-Racist, it just means you’re a total liberal! LIBERAL! Truer words were never spoken. Though that recognition of reality does expose one rather glaring question:

So…if liberals are basically communists, and the NWO is a Bolshevik Atheist Zionist Jew conspiracy to simultaneously destroy religion and make everyone a Jewish communist, and Obama is a Freemasonic African liberal dictator planning and executing his FEMA camp world domination through satanic Lions Clubs parades, then…ummm.

What the HELL happened to all our Nutrisweet?!?!

The truth is out there.

Just remember, when you hear said truth, it will certainly come from a Not-Racist, Not-Republican Trump supporter like Don Christy.

Feature image photograph by Darryl Brownie via USA Today

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