Asking The Question: What If Obama Did That?

Republican Hypocrisy Is On High As Trumpism Hits Hard

This “Black History Month” is especially special

Let’s play a fascinating game called, “What If The Black Man (Obama) Did That?” As was established in a previous article, Republicans are expert at polishing bulls**t ‘till it shines and they are especially busy this time around, waxing president Donald Trump’s high pile of turd. How busy and how high you may ask? Oh, let me count the ways.

Republicans Perfected “Obama Obstructionism”

The GOP had a singular goal during the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency: obstruct, deny, shut down and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was not afraid to publicly declare that collective outrage. He said his top priority was to make Obama “a one-term President.” This after top party brass had secretly met and plotted Obama’s downfall — on the day the guy with the “foreign name” was sworn in as the first black president of these here United States. The dislike was laser sharp in its precision.

And blocked they did. Every and anything. If Obama said the sky was blue, Washington Republicans said it was pink, while their talking heads on television, radio and the Internet, ratcheted up the rhetoric. By the time it got around to their extremist base, Obama had said the sky was green and raining slime on Jesus. In fact, one can argue that this potent, partisan posturing created the dangerous vacuum for someone like Trump to slither in.

It Paid Off ‘Bigly’ To Be A Billionaire ‘Birther,’ Asinine and Mediocre

Fast forward to the present administration, with this toddler sitting in the Oval Office playing with matches and a propane tank. Mind you, the same vicious toddler who relentlessly pushed the fake birther news and asked to see Obama’s  school transcripts. He is now simultaneously throwing tantrums, signing an astonishing number of executive actions, (22 to date), while alienating allies and befriending enemies. When Obama met with foreign leaders on his first official world tour, Republicans verbally flogged him in the town square, accusing him of “pal[ing] around with” terrorists and maligning him as “weak.” Trump has criticized everyone, from the pope to U.S. Intelligence but has never, ever criticized Russia’s Putin. Republicans are mostly mute on this stunning bromance as well. But why not, Trump is not alone in his admiration for the former KGB operative, Republicans have praised Putin over Obama constantly during his presidency, calling him strong while stomping on Obama as weak.

On to the fiscally Responsible Angle

Republicans have not uttered a word against Trump jetting off to his weekend vacation at “the Winter White House” in Florida after a mere two weeks in office. There were numerous outbursts of outrage every time the Obamas took a much-needed vacation and we know he didn’t take one just two weeks into his presidency. (If you want to ask the president to justify spending taxpayers’ money so frivolously, here is his MaraLago #561-832-2600. After all, if that is now the other white house, it belongs to the people).

Which brings me to the fiscally responsible mantra Repubs like to carry around like a suit of armor. Taxpayers will foot the bill for this lazy buffoon to jet off to Florida, New York or wherever he feels like going at any given time. Moreover, his wife Melania still resides in New York City with son Baron, which means taxpayers also have to pay for multiple security details on the first family. She also flew to MaraLago this weekend so double costs for trips. Could you imagine the wave of hysteria if Michelle Obama had stayed in Chicago with her girls? Conservatives had a collective coronary when they were enrolled in private school.

Holocaust ‘Omission’ of Jews

Trump issued a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day and incredulously, omitted Jews from said statement. Sources say the State Department had also issued a statement where Jews were included in the text but the White House suppressed it. What the hell is going one? But then again, there is a reason people are saying the real president is Steve Bannon and he runs a white supremacist, anti-Semitic web site. Slander you say? Check out Breitbart, his “former home.” If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims with ducks, what is it?

President Obama had to give up a church he went to for years; denounce his pastor, all because  Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke truth to power. Trump didn’t have to give up any of the truly toxic people around him. Hell, he brazenly brought some into the White house and rewarded them with incredible power. Republican outrage? Zero. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s outrage? Zero. AIPAC’s outrage? Minimal, almost non-existent. Now imagine for a minute, Obama doing that.

Hasty Raid vs. Bin Laden vs. Benghazi Outrage

Then there is the Yemen strike signed off by president Trump, which was so poorly executed, that some critics are calling for impeachment. But what can you expect from someone who doesn’t think intelligence briefings are important; someone who slams his Intelligence agencies; someone who visits the CIA and spewed banalities while standing in front of a haloed wall; someone who hasn’t sacrificed anything and who instead repeatedly dodged serving his country.  The Republicans had so many hearings on Benghazi, the public lost count. They even tried to rain on Obama’s parade when he finally killed the most wanted terrorist in the world, Bin Laden.

Illiteracy, Illegitimacy And Monetizing The Presidency–Bigly

Then there is his pathological lying, about almost everything, his alarming lack of knowledge, his possible illiteracy, presidential illegitimacy, impulsive, immature actions and reactions, incessant toxic tweeting; his inability to read important documents like intelligence briefings and well—books. Rumor has it he doesn’t even read the executive orders he signs. Speaking of executive orders—this man has signed over 20 of them in just two weeks with neer a criticism from his party. The same Republicans who accused Obama of acting like a king when he was forced to use his executive power because of their repeated obstruction.

Add Trump’s monumental conflicts of interests, his Russian connections, Russian hacking to influence the election, his criticism of everyone except Vladimir Putin, (compromised by dossier?), monetizing the presidency, nepotism, bringing white supremacy to the White House and on to the Security Council and the numerous others that we know president Obama would not have been able to get away with. He would have been stoned in the public square for just one percent of that sewage. No, scratch that; Obama would not have been able to become a senator, or chief bottle washer. He would have been labeled a thug and rabble rousing, race baiters like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh did call him that.

Meanwhile, the real thug occupies the White House.

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