Olbermann: Trump’s Amazing Speech Sure Didn’t Age Well (Video)

Keith Olbermann asks — are you old enough to remember the high point of the Trump Presidency? That “amazing speech” to both chambers of Congress where both conservative and liberal pundits on cable news were declaring it to be the “moment he became President.” So much has happened since that high bar was set. So much water has passed under the bridge. It must have been years ago, right?

No, it was last Tuesday. It’s been about a week.

In that week, what is really “amazing” is how much has changed. How much of the content of that speech has been shown to be false? Actually, it has been more pathetic than amazing. Well, maybe “pathetically amazing.”

Keith walks us through many of those things in his latest commentary (see video below). Here are some examples;

Tuesday – Trump opens his speech by condemning the attacks on Jewish cemeteries and churches.

Tuesday (same day) – Trump tells a meeting of state Attorney Generals that such attacks might be false flags.

Tuesday – Trump declares that he has cleared the way for the Keystone and DAPL pipelines and brags about his demand that they use only American steel.

Wednesday – Fox News reports that Keystone won’t be using American steel. Why? Because Republicans in the Senate voted down such a proposal before the project started. The bill was offered by Senator Al Franken. Trump’s order actually only affects any future pipelines — not these ones.

Tuesday – “We will soon begin the construction of a great wall along our southern border. It will be started ahead of schedule.” Trump boasted.

Thursday – Reuters discovers that the only funds available to build the wall total about 20 million dollars. Enough to build a mere four miles of wall

Tuesday – Trump “tributes” the widow of Ryan Owens for his heroism by making a big deal of the applause she got. Pundits from Chris Wallace to Van Jones declare how Trump “became President” and was no longer a “divisive cartoon.”

Saturday – Trump is accusing President Obama of wiretapping his phone and committing crimes that eclipse McCarthyism and Watergate. As Keith put it, the aforementioned pundits had “insight that would last a lifetime … a lunchtime.”

Tuesday – The time for “small thinking” is over,” Trump declared.

Saturday – Trump is spending his time attacking Arnold Schwartenager for The Apprentice ending.

Keith concludes by declaring that all Trump is doing is only that of which he is capable of doing. Making his “ego great again.”

There is plenty more and you can check it out in the video clip about the “amazing speech” below;

Featured image via screen capture from twitter.com 


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