Olbermann Says Maybe We Should Just Start Calling the U.S. A Fascist Nation Now (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann is an emotional guy. His commentaries tend to be filled with his passion and heart. Something that sometimes gets him in trouble with corporate executive types. Today, however, he took it to a whole new level. Keith is angry on a level that probably few of his most loyal viewers have even seen. What is he so angry about?


More specifically the fascism that is now not so subtlely taking over.

He began his remarks by commenting that we are 4 days away from the election that has Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats and Donald Trump representing the Russians. that was probably the calmest line of the entire commentary.

Keith asked — ‘When should we reclassify the form of the government of the United States from ‘democracy’ to ‘fascism?’ He wonders if we should wait until the inauguration of Trump? Or in light of the newest revelations coming out of the FBI regarding them perhaps purposefully trying to put their thumb on the scale of the election to favor ‘their candidate’ — should we just go ahead and reclassify it now?

Regardless of the result of the election, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. the FBI New York field office, or at least some people in it, seem to actively be trying to elect Trump. That is why we got the ham-handed announcement by James Comey last week regarding Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. Becuase apparently if he didn’t say something, others were going to — making it even worse.

What is really worse is revelations that the whole basis for the ‘Clinton Foundation investigation’ out of the New York Field Office is based off a book / movie that has totally been debunked as tin-foil-hat conspiratorial nonsense. The ‘Clinton Cash‘ book / movie that was written by Breitbart crony Peter Schweitzer. The movie was produced by Trump campaign CEO Steven Bannon — former Breitbart Editor in Chief.

Starting to see the connection?

Add to that people like KellyAnne Conway and her deputy, David Bossie coming from the pro-Trump PAC ‘Make America Number 1’ run by billionaire Robert Mercer. Guess who else Mercer likes to bankroll? You guessed it — Breitbart.com.

The pattern should be clearer now.

Add to that a guy like Rudy Giuliani with deep ties to law enforcement and the FBI. Rudy made an announcement 2 full days before Comey’s announcement ‘previewing’ it.  Gee, how did Rudy know? Could Rudy be ‘using’ his connections to get his boy Trump elected by illegal means? Some are already calling for an investigation into that.

Of course, if Trump is elected, investigations might not matter. The cake will be baked, so to speak.

Keith’s fears of fascism coming to America under a trump regime might not be that far-fetched.  Aside from the obvious clue that a branch of the government is trying to influence an election, look at Trump’s platform and policy positions. Trump admires dictators like Putin. He was ‘saddened’ that arrested terror suspects get food and medical care. He calls protests by underserved minorities ‘race riots.’ He wants national ‘stop and frisk.’ He wants racial profiling. He wants mass deportations of immigrants.

Yesterday we learned that the campaign plans on putting his wife in charge of regulating the internet against people who might be ‘mean’ to them. I think I could hear jaws bounce off the floor as she went on about cyber-bullying while ignoring the fact that her husband is king of the cyber-bullies. So much for the 1st amendment.

Keith isn’t just alarmed that people who openly display their fascist stripes are so close to ultimate power, he also sees them as ‘morons.’

I’ll let him explain all the ‘hows and whys’ in the clip below. Check it out …


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com


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