Update: This Father’s Day, American Dads Are The Last Thing On Trump’s Mind

Father's Day

The entire morning of Father’s Day Trump thought only of himself, if his Twitter is any indication of his state of mind. He boasted of his approval rating in a Rassmussen poll, complained of a witch hunt, claimed the “Make America Great Again agenda” was doing well despite said witch hunt, and bragged overall about the damage he and Republicans are wreaking on the country. Damage that could take a generation to repair.

There is one tweet, in particular, however, that drew our attention; Trump had the audacity to compare himself to a president that pulled us from the economic ruins the Republican party’s policies left us in 10 years ago:

Well, let’s see what Time Magazine has to say about that:

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking poll did show President Trump with a 50% approval rating on Friday, June 16 — the first time Trump had reached this high of an approval rating since April, the pollsters noted. But on June 16, 2009, then-President Obama had a 56% approval rating under the same poll. And on June 18, 2009, Obama had a 55% approval rating.”

Okay then so Trump lied. Nothing new. But let’s take our comparison of Trump and Obama just a little deeper this Father’s Day.

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Trump’s Twitter feed this Father’s Day has been about nothing but himself in true narcissistic fashion. Obama, on the other hand, spoke highly of his children and wished a happy Father’s Day to every dad:

And even in 2016:

That Trump, the President of the United States of America, can send a Tweet on Father’s Day morning and not wish the dads in our nation a Happy Father’s Day is sad. Our former President doing just that shows us yet another stark contrast in how the two men lead. Trump is all about himself. Barack was all about us.

In fact, that’s the only Tweet Obama has sent since June 2nd. Remember when we didn’t have a President constantly embarrassing us on Twitter? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

While making comparisons, maybe Trump should also consider how many scandals he has going and how the only really major scandal of the Obama administration was the color of his skin. Or how about the comparison between Trump being under investigation for obstruction of justice and how Obama was never embroiled in such impeachable situations? 24 million people being thrown off of healthcare? Losing the popular vote? Not even having people nominated to important positions in our government and it’s already mid-June?

Trump has broken records for disapproval numbers, shamed Americans on his Twitter account near daily, and has raised tensions around the world. So far, he is riding the coattails of Obama’s economic successes while claiming credit where it simply isn’t due. You’re out of your element, Donny.

From American News X to dads around the world, Happy Father’s Day.


Update: Finally, at the very end of Father’s Day, Donald John Trump took the time to re-Tweet a meme that Said “Happy Father’s Day.”

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