Bill Maher Explains The Difference Between Conservatism And Being A Dick (Video)

Tonight, in his final commentary (see video below …), the “new rules” segment, some might take what Bill Maher said in the wrong way. Some might say that he was ripping on conservatism or the tradition of the GOP — he wasn’t. He was differentiating between that and what now passes for conservatism and what is acceptable in today’s GOP.

He provided evidence. Like the move by the GOP to repeal the ban on lead ammunition. Why? Because when a killed animal who has been shot by a lead bullet is later eaten by an eagle (you know, the symbol of our country) which happens in the real wilderness, it dies. But for today’s GOP, it isn’t a question of that, but a question of “what would a dick do?” A dick would allow those bullets just to piss off liberals.

A pesticide that impairs the cognitive abilities in children (that means it damages their brain and makes them more stupid) needed to be allowed by today’s GOP. Take that, liberals!

Who is still in the corner of “big asbestos” in 2017? Today’s GOP.

Car companies, the one that we taxpayers bailed out and is now making record profits — agreed to a provision that would have all cars averaging 55 miles per gallon in another eight years. They agreed to it. All republicans had to do was what their specialty is — nothing. That couldn’t happen.

Any issue you can think of … what’s the cruelest, most “dickish” response one can have? That’s today’s GOP position.

It isn’t about who conservatives or republicans used to be. Today, it is all about being the biggest dick one can be, according to Maher.

Check out Maher’s takedown below;

Real Time With Bill Maher will be off next week but will return Friday, April 21st at 10 pm. eastern with an all new episode on HBO.

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