Bill Maher Turns The Tables And Schools Conservatives On Their Favorite Issue — And It Is Spot-On (Video)

Bill Maher returned this week with maybe his best “New Rules” commentary of the year. Maher decided it was time to “turn the tables” on conservatives.  The issue? Well, actually there were many “issues” — all of which most every conservative in America is against. Gay marriage, marijuana legalization, transgender rights, sanctuary cities, anti-pollution regulations, pro-choice policies, and anti-racism laws– conservatives hate all of it.

To Maher, however, all of that is irrelevant now. It is irrelevant because of one issue, one that the right-wing of the GOP and southern conservatives love to tout;

State’s rights.

Maher basically told all the pro-Trump, anti-everything Obama was ever for crowd that the tables have turned and the script is flipped. Now California is showing how State’s rights should work. Not to inhibit the rights of many, but to preserve them. Maher pointed out that just like when the liberals ran Washington and the southern states decided they would not comply and nullify the “elites” back in the 1960s when there was an Attorney General named Robert F Kennedy, now in 2017  the GOP runs the show and there is an Attorney General named Jeff Sessions doing things Californians don’t like and it is time to take a stand.

And conservatives can’t say a damn thing about it. After all, it’s a staple of their entire “belief system” and tradition.

After a brief history lesson on how conservatives like to abuse the concept of these rights that featured racist/segregationist George Wallace, to make his point, the HBO host broke into a deep southern drawl to explain further:

“We the rebels now!” Maher declared. He went on to explain that the “mudflaps on his electric car say ‘coexist.'” He then added that “we don’t need no outside agitators. With their ‘Make America Great Again’ caps coming in here to our clean state telling us to take down our solar panels.” He then pointed out that they use tiki torches the “right way” — for lesbian weddings on the beach!

“Farm to table, just ain’t words around here. that’s our heritage” the politically incorrect host drawled. Maher built up momentum covering a host of issues from botox (and Washington can take his injector when they pry it from his cold , dead hands) to where he defended “modern medical advancements and decreed — “vaginal rejuvination today, vaginal rejuvination tomorrow, and vaginal rejuvination forever!” 

Maher closed by defending one of his top issues and taking a direct shot at Sessions for saying “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” In the language and dialect that Mr. Sessions could understand, Maher let him know that there are plenty of good people in California who might enjoy a toke or two.

“Sometimes we just want to sit on our porch and watch our grass grow.” 

Of course, that is just a tease. Check out the full spot-on clip below:

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