Dear Trump: You Hired Flynn After Obama Fired Him, Own It

trump hired flynn after obama fired him

Trump and his staff are trying to justify the horrendous decisions of his administration by blaming or second-guessing the previous POTUS. Trump is attempting to blame president Obama for his decision to hire Flynn, indicating that Obama gave Flynn the highest security clearance. But he never mentioned that Obama both fired Flynn and warned Trump against hiring him.

Press secretary, Sean Spicer, indicated that President Obama could have done more. He could have suspended Flynn’s security clearance, that begs the question: if the administration felt that suspending Flynn’s security clearance is what should have been done — why didn’t they do it? Why is Spicer second-guessing the personnel decisions of the previous POTUS in an effort to excuse the poor decisions made by the present one?

A decision made by the previous POTUS does not absolve the Trump administration from its responsibility to adequately vet prospective employees. Especially those of persons being considered for high-level and; by, extension, extremely sensitive positions as vice president and national security adviser. Ultimately, the hires of the sitting POTUS are his responsibility and no one else. Not to mention the fact that when you are picking someone fired by the previous administration you don’t get to blame that on them, you own that. 

When a decision is made by a current boss to hire someone against the advice of the previous boss, it behooves the current employer to be even more vigilant about the vetting process. Otherwise, it will appear that the bad blood between the prospective employee and the previous employer was more important than the candidate’s skills and experience.

The motives of the current POTUS were already suspect, but that suspicion was deepened by the timing of the early morning Twitter attacks against Sally Yates. The Twitter accusations corresponded with the questioning of the congressional hearing and testimony of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Who, as anticipated, testified that she, too, warned the administration that nominee may have been compromised by the Russian government. Her testimony merely added additional fuel to the fire regarding the extensive ties between the current POTUS and members of his administration’s ties to Russia. 

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Despite Yates’ clear testimony that the Trump administration was informed of deeply concerning evidence that Flynn was compromised and lying to the VP, the Republicans in the room tried to muddy the waters. Ted Cruz tried to make the hearing about Hillary’s emails and Trump’s unlawful order, Yates leveled his argument with facts. But we all walked away knowing that Trump’s story that this administration is blaming Obama for its own horrible decisions: Like leaving Flynn in a classified position for 18 days after they were warned by Yates he was compromised.

Featured image via,  JFK Jr. Forum, Photographer Kristyn Ulanday

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