John Oliver Brilliantly Breaks Down The Nonsense That Is America’s Marijuana Laws (Video)

John Oliver returned on Sunday after a brief hiatus with an in-depth feature about America’s nonsensical marijuana laws.

Oliver shows how the U.S. tax code screws marijuana businesses that operate legally within their states, How total compliance with state laws still find people at risk from archaic bad statutes instituted by Richard Nixon.

“If you have marijuana right now, even if you are acting completely legally according to your state, you may still be in serious jeopardy,” Oliver said. The “Last Week Tonight” host then went through several examples of how federal law messed with people who had medical marijuana cards and treated them like criminals.

“I know that some people will say, well hold on, the medical efficacy of marijuana needs a lot more study, and that is true,” Oliver said. “The problem is, it’s very difficult to do that because federal laws are standing in the way.”

The host pointed out how the Obama administration basically treated marijuana enforcement with the veracity of an apathetic security guard at a Dave Matthews concert. Unfortunately, Obama is now gone and have been replaced with folks who want to go a different direction.

If anyone thought the Trump administration was going to come to their “common sense” rescue, think again. Like with many things, their intention is to turn the clock back and crack down on anyone using marijuana, medicinal or recreational:

“I don’t think America is going to be a better place when people of all ages, and particularly young people, are smoking pot,” Sessions told reporters in February. “I believe it’s an unhealthy practice, and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago, and we’re seeing real violence around that.”

Oliver went through just how difficult it will be to unravel all the federal statutes on the books. He then went on to explain that it would be totally worth it as these laws cause harm and suffering to Americans who simply don’t deserve it.

Check out Oliver’s great dissertation below:

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