Gina Haspel, Ruthless, Smart and Necessary

Gina Haspel Ruthless, Smart, Necessary

Sometimes the devil you know is necessary to protect you from the devils you don’t.  Let’s look at our president’s choice for CIA director.  Her name is Gina Haspel.  In 2002, right after the country was attacked by Al Qaeda, she ran a CIA black site where people were waterboarded, confined in boxes and other interrogations techniques that we call by their more common name… torture.  Her nomination is going to bring about the wringing of hands and fussing on the left.  It’s going to bring about praise and cheers from the right.  And it’s going to bring about derision from the far right of the left for being a bunch of pussies who won’t do whatever it takes to defend this country.


First, torture.  If you defend it, you aren’t doing whatever it takes to defend this country because there isn’t a country left to defend.  We are our ideals.  Without them, we aren’t a shining city on a hill.  We’re just a bunch of rednecks with guns who like to push people around because we can.  Torture doesn’t work.  It just gets the person being tortured to say whatever will get the pain to stop.  We know how to get information from captured belligerents without having to torture them.

No moral high ground

However, at the time that Gina Haspel was in charge of the CIA black site the people in charge of the CIA briefed Congress and they either agreed with what was being done or they said nothing.  They asked the Department of Justice if it was legal and they were told it was.  They did what they were urged to do.  Protect our country from further attacks like 9/11 at all costs using whatever methods were necessary.  I’m not at all proud of what happened or what was done but at the same time, I’m not going to hold her responsible for doing what she was told to do and what she was told was legal.  When liberals in Congress were either silent or looked the other way they have no grounds today to condemn her.

Someone to stand up to Russia

Frankly, at a time when Vladimir Putin is trying to kill people in the UK with a toxic nerve agent because he doesn’t care who knows it… if Trump won’t stand up to him let’s hope she will.

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