Evangelical Republicans Are Tearing Down The Wall Between Church And State

There was a time when America was great and its greatness was endowed by our founders when they presciently determined that this republic would be free from the chains of religion in our government. But that all changed on November the 9th when the American, people in their infinite wisdom, proved they do not have the intelligence to keep a free democracy going.

All of that hope and change was dashed the instant the ignorant hoards voted to suicide our democracy and strangle the American dream for every generation to come by electing this lowly mutt that soils the Oval Office with every breath he takes. I can’t really point fingers at Republicans any more than I would scold a snake for biting me. That’s simply their nature. One of my dear friends’ mother messaged me to say she had an orgasm the moment Betsy DeVos was confirmed to be our Secretary of Education with Mike Pence making the deciding vote.

Republicans haven’t been the party of Lincoln since conservatives switched allegiance from the Democratic party of Andrew Jackson in the 1960s into the abomination of seditionists that comprise the Republican party of today. That old coot Barry Goldwater predicted that when the evangelicals got hold of the Republican Party that they’d destroy it. He didn’t live to see how they would do it but it is by mixing Jerry Falwell politics into the pews and adulterating it into an amorphous religious cult where racism and all manners of phobias thrive among the petty minds of the weak and fearful. Mountebanks and charlatans like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr. and, that philistinic reprobate, Ralph Reed thrive in such environs and do their best to keep millions of people who claim to be Christians at full froth.

America can only collapse under the weight of its own ignorance and that’s why Republicans want to destroy public education.

Their devotion is not to the God of Moses or Christ, it is to the progeny of Satan and money. Jesus was a liberal by any reckoning but this has not stopped conservatives from writing a new biblical chapter inspired by their golden God. Yea, they sayeth unto you in Republiconnians:

20:17 If they are hungry, cut benefits and programs that will feed them so they can get off their lazy welfare asses and get a job!

20:18 If they are sick, deny them healthcare and tell them they have “access” as long as they have enough money for such access.

20:19 If they are strangers or refugees -that we made by destroying their government- longing to be free across the fruited plain, deport them back to where they came from because we don’t want no Muslim terrorists here!

So debased is this claque of charlatans that when Trump was at their ‘prayer breakfast,’ they shut their eyes and stuck their fingers in their ears as Trump unleashed one unholy outrage after another. There was as much charity among those incorrigibles as there is in a gross of pit vipers. If modern conservative ‘Christians’ have proven anything it’s that they are the very antithesis of everything Jesus stood for.

This toxic mix of religion and politics has gotten to the point that Trump is planning on repealing the Johnson Amendment which is the very reason why so many evangelicals held their noses and voted for the thrice divorced geriatric playboy and serial philanderer Trump. They whitewashed the history of a man who has committed every deadly sin and broken most of the commandments for unfettered access to our government and our institutions. Betsy DeVos being the absolute worst of them because her sole intent is to get as many religious charter schools funded by our tax dollars as possible.

As much as Republicans claim to care about the constitution, they most certainly have no use whatever for the establishment clause. But what evangelicals have missed is that they are opening a Pandora’s box where Muslims will petition our courts to fund their Madrassas. The Church of Satan will surely claim the same right to open publicly funded Satanic Schools and courts will be forced to grant equal justice under law to them as well.

Instead of building a border wall, Trump is dismantling the wall between church and state. Evangelicals have lusted for the reins of our secular government since its inception and now they have it with a willing dupe in the Oval Office. The Legislative branch is overrun with compliant minions and imps. Now they have all three branches in their hands and they intend to use the lash to get what they want and consequences be damned. Perhaps there are too many well-informed citizens to let that happen which is exactly what Betsy DeVos intends to remedy by wrecking our public school system and handing it over to Christian charter schools that can keep the kids as dumb as stumps to vote for another Trump.

About Thomas Clay 427 Articles
Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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