Debris From A Crumbling Administration

After repealing the Obama era “Clean Streams” and “Clean Energy” laws and promising to cut the EPA’s budget, Trump said the only job of the EPA is to ensure clean air and clean water. Apparently Trump does not like clean air and clean water.

Quote of the Day: “It’s beginning to look like Trump thought the U.S. Presidency was a witness protection program.” – Sharon Halleck Kettelhut

Trump’s approval rating slipped again. Down one more point yesterday, to 35%. His “disapproval rate” went up two points. His IQ could not drop any lower and has leveled off at that of a gerbil.

On that subject, Paul Ryan won his last election with 65% of the votes in his district. His latest approval rating in his home district shows him at 43%. A 22 point drop.

Trump first said he would not seek security clearance for his daughter. Then he did exactly that. Then Trump said his daughter would not be a federal employee or an official in the White House. Yesterday, he announced she would be both.

A Trump State Department employee with top secret security clearance has been charged with lying to the FBI about her failure to report thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts she allegedly received from two Chinese intelligence agents, federal prosecutors said. Is there any honest person in the Trump administration? Even just one?

Rep. Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee said that because Rep. Devin Nunes has not shared the information he received on Trump “incidental collection” with anyone, he can only conclude that Nunes is lying.

Sally Yates, the former acting Attorney General, is being blocked from testifying by Nunes cancelling her testimony. I think Ms. Yates should just go on Rachel’s show and spill the entire bag of beans. When we cannot trust our officials to honestly conduct investigations, we must rely on the media to find out the facts.

Yates would be a key witness in finding out “what the president knew and when he knew it.”

Trump refused to answer when asked by CNN if he has any proof or evidence of his wiretap claim.

As Andy Borowitz pointed out: Donald Trump is an able-bodied senior who watches TV all day and receives free government meals. What a moocher! Something should be done about that guy.

Republican Jeb Bush told a CNN affiliate that Trump should just stop lying. Trump cannot stop lying, Jeb. It is his single most defining trait.

It is not really a big deal that Trump refused to attend the Correspondents’ Dinner, or that he refused to throw out the baseball at the opener. It is disconcerting that he is refusing to act like a president in any other way, however.

Republicans in Congress are so embarrassed by Trump, that a request to build a wall around Donald would likely be approved on the spot.

Trump has done one thing “bigly”. He now holds the all-time world record for “The Shortest Time Between Two Executive Orders Being Ruled Unconstitutional.”

According to three people who were present with George W Bush after the Trump inauguration, Bush gave this brief assessment of Trump’s inaugural: “That was some weird sh*t.” (New York Magazine)

North Carolina Republicans are reported to be considering killing their own “bathroom law”, which has already cost the state over $3.5 BILLION dollars. But I’m sure it was worth every penny to control a problem that did not exist.

Sean Spicer claimed that the White House did not seek to prevent Sally Yates’ testimony in any way. But Spicer is a well-known liar. According to the Department of Justice, as reported in both the Washington Post and New York magazine, that is exactly what Trump did.

Ezra Klein reported on Vox, that “70 days in, Donald Trump’s presidency is flailing.” Klein added that Trump “did not understand” the American Health Care Act, that his White House is “leaking and divided” and that “Trump is historically unpopular.”

Sean Spicer lectured a female reporter on her body language, which is ironic after Spicer’s weird body language has been the butt of so many jokes on late night TV.

Trump is now saying that it is not fair to hold a politician to his campaign promises. But Trump also continuously says that he is not a politician. So is he saying we should hold him to his promises, which he breaks almost daily? We’re confused.

Andy’s Snark of the Day – “Sean Spicer denied that any member of the Administration has ever worked “in any way, shape, or form” for the benefit of the United States.” – Andy Borowitz

People have asked me why I spend so much time researching and writing about Republicans. My only answer is that the best way to scatter cockroaches is to shine a light on them.

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