Cowards Vote Third Party (Op-Ed)

At least the “Deplorables” have an excuse. They are inbred and poorly educated, but the third partiers are knowingly willing to sacrifice the country with their personal petulance.

They claim the problem is that neither of the major candidates is acceptable to their sensitive tastes. Earth to Mr. and Mrs. Sensitive: They are unacceptable to you because you sat on your behinds waiting for the lessor folks to do the grunt work of getting a candidate nominated instead of actually getting out and working for a candidate that represents your point of view, or you worked for someone who lost and that makes the whole system crooked in your mind.

I have never seen a greater contrast between two candidates than what we have this election. Their plans for this country if they are elected are diametrically opposed. One of them is going to be president, but rather than choose between these two night and day candidates, your “moral values” dictate that you must once again sit on your behinds and let others make the tough decisions for you.

Make no mistake; voting third party is the act of a coward who cares more about himself than about the future of his country. You are more concerned with being able to say, “Don’t blame me!” than acting in a responsible manner. If you are so unhappy with the system, then change the system! Whining and posturing does nothing but make you a part of the problem you are blaming others for.

You are going to be living in a country led by one of the two major candidates. You can help decide which one or you can take the coward’s way out.

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