Bill Maher: Forget Mars, Let’s Make Earth Great Again (Video)

This week Bill Maher diverted from his usual path for his “New Rules” segment on his HBO show, “Real Time With Bill Maher.” Instead of ranting about the current state of our Government under Trump, Maher used this week’s time to speak on one his other favorite subjects, Climate Change. For this commentary, Maher was speaking mostly to the people, not the government, and the recent fascination with Mars.

While anyone can understand this recent craze, probably due to a lot of all the glitzed up Hollywood treatment it gets, Maher asks people to take a step back from the hype and realize the hip thing to do if they want to overhaul a planet, overhaul Earth.Maher sees it as a dangerous idea that a certain segment feels that we can just trash Earth and move on to Mars. Despite Hollywood, it isn’t really feasible at this point.

In practical terms. People forget that Mars has no air. We really don’t know if it as water — especially a feasible supply. Night time temperatures go from minus 76 degrees to minus 225 — so pack a sweater, ok? Maher reminds us we already have this really inhabitable and safe planet right here. How bout the idea of “Earth First?”

Maher reminds us we already have this really inhabitable and safe planet right here. How bout the idea of “Earth First?” How bout, as he puts it — Let’s Make Earth Great Again!”

If folks want to explore something cold and hard, Bill points out — let us start with the facts. Climate change is real. It is also reversible with sane, common sense policies. That is real. Mars is a fantasy. Sure, we may get there someday, but for generations — this is it. We are here, this is our home. Stop looking for the “goldilocks planet” as we are already there. As Maher put it, Mars is a mirage, not an oasis.

Maher closed his commentary saying “F*ck Mars, we need to make Earth great again!”

Indeed, we do.

Of course, there’s a bunch more jokes and one-liners from Maher. Check out his full commentary below:

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