Bill Maher Hilariously Points Out The One Big Lesson Trump’s Presidency Has Taught Us (Video)

If you have ever had to sign off on a large contract like for a mortgage or a new car, you may have or have not noticed all that fine print, addendums and all kinds of places for you to sign or initial. By and large, most of those things are situations that at one point no one figured that any mind needed to be paid to it. But somewhere along the line, someone sued someone else over it and now you have to initial saying you acknowledge that you won’t sue if it should happen. At some point, it became enough of a concern that it had to be written down, no matter how ridiculous and frivolous the item may be.

You may never be tempted to start snacking on that silica packaging material that comes with that new purchase from Amazon, but someone did and now the people who make the packaging materials have to write “do not eat” on each little piece of it — just in case — cause someone did.

After experiencing the Trump presidency over many months — we have reached that point. The founders opened the Declaration of Independence, as Bill Maher pointed out in his final “New Rules” commentary on this week’s show, with “we hold these truths to be self-evident.” Why? Because they knew that there were some things that everyone would avoid doing because it was so shameful — and many of them owned slaves.

With Trump, there is no “shame” and everything is fair game if it isn’t explicitly illegal — in writing. Maher compares the situation with Trump to the old Disney Movie “Gus” about a football playing, field goal kicking mule. The mule gets on the team cause no one ever said in the rules that the players had to be human.

If you never saw Maher’s example, maybe you saw Roadhouse. A movie that takes place in a bar where they had to write down over the urinal “do not eat the big green mint.”

Trump never released his tax returns like every other candidate in the modern era. He has taken nepotism to an astonishing level. Then there’s the divestment that Trump never did. Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm and George Bush sold his baseball team. Trump not only never divested, but uses his properties in ways where he can profit off them with taxpayer dollars.

No one ever thought they had to write down “when America has a conflict with Russia — side with America.” But here we are …

We didn’t give the presidency to a “swamp drainer” we gave our ATM pin number to a Nigerian Prince, according to the HBO host.

Then there’s “pardoning oneself.” Another ridiculous concept that the founders never envisioned had to be “spelled out” because the concept is so absurd.

That’s just a tease though Check out the full clip below:

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