I Believe In America

Unless I’m mistaken, I think we’re headed for a constitutional crisis. If Trump’s intent is to push Attorney General Jeff Sessions aside just to free himself up so that he can appoint an AG who will fire Bob Mueller, and I believe that is his goal, then we’re on the verge of a major historical event. One that will challenge the tenets of American Democracy.

As my friends know, my favorite film of all time is The Godfather. And the opening words in the very first scene are “I believe in America.” Those words are uttered by Amerigo Bonasera, a mortician who immigrated from Italy to America and settled in New York. His face looms out of a darkened room. It fills the screen as he explains his love for this country, and why he’s feeling so frustrated. His beloved daughter was beaten by two thugs, yet the legal system that he practically worshiped has failed him. So he went to see a powerful Mafiosi for “Justice.”

It’s not 1942. Our government isn’t made up of hoodlums and killers. At least not officially. And as a civilized society, we don’t deal with our corrupt politicians by making them sleep with the fishes. But if Donald Trump does indeed fire yet another official in an effort to shut down the Trump-Russia investigation, then We the People will be the 21st Century equivalent of Bonasera — the innocent victims of a broken system. And we’ll have no recourse but to demand justice. Not from our elected leaders who are equally corrupt, but from our official protectors: the men and women of the Intelligence Community. Specifically the FBI and the NSA, with possible participation by the CIA. They are above all else, patriots. And I trust they’ll act should the worst happen.

I’m not calling for violence or a coup d’état. But, if in fact, Trump is successful in crushing this investigation and the Republican-held Congress fails to hold him to account—and I believe they will fail—then it’ll be up to the IC to apply Justice.

Again, not by violent means. Or even illegal means. But by doing what they do best. By engineering an exit strategy custom tuned for a man of Donald Trump’s profile. Compile the Mother of all Dossiers, then squeeze him out of the White House like an overripe zit! I don’t think I have to be any more candid than that.

Our government either works as the founders intended or it doesn’t. This investigation will either proceed as per the rule of law, or it will be stymied by a sociopathic crook who’s crossed the line into tyranny.

If the Director of National Security is half the man Amerigo Bonasera was on the silver screen, and Donald Trump fires Bob Mueller … he’ll know what has to be done.

For if they let us down, and Congress lets us down, then everything we’ve spent the past 241 years building up to has been for naught.

No man can be above the law. We last tested it back in 1974, and the system worked. We the People prevailed over evil. But should we fail to do so now, then the America we all claim to love will be no more. We’ll be just another third-world country ruled over by a tin pot dictator, installed by an overlord in Moscow.

If Trump’s next AG fires Mueller, that’ll be the red balloon. That’ll be the Bat Signal. I trust the professionals to step up at that moment.

Because I believe in America.


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