Olbermann: “What Did Trump Know And When Did He Stop Knowing It?” (VIDEO)

On New Year’s Eve, Donald Trump went before cameras and promised that he would ‘reveal’ all sorts of things he knows about hacking that no one else knows. He promised to do his big exposure on ‘Tuesday or Wednesday.’ Those days came and went and not a peep about all this special knowledge on hacking from Trump. Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s pulled this move. He even used his wife in a similar manner over her immigration status during the campaign — promising to explain everything and then never delivering.

Trump did attempt to deflect. Yesterday, he tweeted out some nonsense about an intelligence briefing on the matter being delayed until Friday. The only problem with that is that it always was scheduled for Friday. The only thing that got delayed or perhaps canceled (hoping no one would notice) was Trump’s fulfillment of the simple promise he made just a few days prior.

Many Americans did notice, and one of them was Keith Olbermann. On his webcast via GQ Magazine, Olbermann took Trump to the woodshed.

His first order of business was questioning why Trump was buddying up and going along with Julian Assange. A man facing sexual assault charges in Sweeden and possible espionage charges in the United States. A man who House Speaker Ryan essentially called a tool of the Russians.  Beyond that, Assange is a thief. Keith asked why Trump trusts this guy over our 17 intelligence agencies.

Keith then turned to make some very good points about ‘what Trump knows.’

Keith asked where did Trump get his information? As Keith contends, Trump has painted himself into an impossible corner. Did he get his information from American intelligence briefers? He has repeatedly stated he doesn’t believe them. Furthermore, is this information classified information that he is not permitted to release?

Is his source Julian Assange, the ‘sycophant’ for Russia? Is it Michael Flynn who spreads right wing conspiracy theories? Is it Vladamir Putin? If it is, when did Putin tell him? Did he tell our intelligence officials what he knew when he knew it or did he conceal this information given by America’s longest geopolitical enemy?

If it wasn’t Putin, American intelligence or Flynn was it Alex Jones who thinks Sandy Hook was a ‘false flag?’ Was it his 10-year-old son who he calls a ‘computer expert.’

Trump has gone from bragging he knows all to acting like he knows nothing. So Olbermann naturally asked the question ‘what did you know, and when did you stop knowing it?’ Keith pointed out the natural logic that we certainly need to have hearings not only on the hackings themselves but on what Trump knows, where did he get this information and why has he kept it secret for this long?

But Olbermann knows that nothing will happen unless Americans stand up and demand answers and ‘resist.’

Check out Keith Olbermann and his full commentary below;

Is he right? Tell us in the comments below.


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com


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