Olbermann Tells The Media How To Beat Trump At His Own Game (Video)

Keith Olbermann spends a lot of time pointing out the lies and hypocrisies of Donald Trump and his administration. Today, however, Olbermann turned his attention primarily to the media. The former MSNBC host knows how to fight propaganda. Back when most of the media were acting like ‘six-year-olds playing soccer’ after 9/11 and the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Keith wasn’t fooled. Of course, his integrity is probably what led to his parting from the corporate news outlet who wanted Olbermann to toe the company line.

Olbermann, who now does several short op-eds per week for GQ magazine under the header ‘The Resistance,’ seems free now to say whatever he wants without fear of any corporate bosses to tell him no. He is certainly taking advantage of that freedom.

Keith on interviewing Kellyanne Conway — stop interviewing her

Keith on covering Sean Spicer after threatening the media in a press conference and then refusing to take questions — Stop covering his press conference.

On covering Trump — Stop covering his speeches live. Have fact-checkers find the real facts (vs his alternative facts) then run the speeches and press conferences on a delay. Every time Trump lies, stop the tape, show the facts. Keep doing it as often as necessary.

Simply put, Olbermann tells the media to stop playing Trump’s propaganda game.

Of course, the obvious objection to this is that anyone who does this will get buried by competition or it contributes to the ‘marketplace of ideas.’ This is all nonsense, contends Olbermann. He has good reason to think that.

He points out that Trump’s voters aren’t watching CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc etc. They are watching Fox and reading Breitbart, along with all the unhinged right wing outlets that are worse.

That’s not all. Keith gives us a history lesson about how when MSNBC was struggling as they went along with the narratives that everyone else was doing after 9/11. Then some guy (him) said ‘The Emporer wears no clothes.’ All of a sudden, the dollars started rolling in. Keith also gives a more present day example. Namely, his Resistance webcast. He points out that so far he has done 65 commentaries for GQ and has averaged over 1.6 million views per episode. This, claims Olbermann, is proof the audience is out there.

Olbermann also points out how media deteriorated after regulations were eliminated from the media — things like the fairness doctrine.

He has some other advice as well, such as every day pointing out the lack of tax returns and the ongoing Russian hacking investigation. Just as Fox News did to Obama on things like Obama’s Birth Certificate.

There’s more, check out Keith’s full commentary below;

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