NYC Parks Dept’s PRICELESS Response To The Controversial Trump Statue In Union Square (VIDEO)

News outlets have been breaking the story all day about the ‘anatomically correct’ Donald Trump statue that stood for two hours in NYC’s Union Square. The statue, which has Trump doing his version of the ‘Full Monty,’ eventually was taken down because it violated city ordinances. For awhile, however, the statue stood in its full glory for all of New York to see.  A plaque attached to the base of the statue read ‘The Emporer Has No Balls’ which seemingly is the theme of the statue. The phrase is a play on Hans Christian Anderson’s masterwork ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes.’

Perhaps the best thing about this statue, however, is the New York City Parks Department’s response. According to, it read;

‘NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.’

When you finish laughing, you can check out this NSFW video (the video does show graphic, uncensored ‘Trump and little Trump’) below;

The statue features Trump being overweight with vericose veins. It does not, however, depict him with smaller than normal hands. Something Trump bashers enjoy taunting the billionaire – reality -show host turned Presidential candidate with. Most of the people looking at the video saw the humor in the mock-up. One observer called the statue ‘priceless and perfect.’  Another called it ‘funny but gross.’ Many gawkers took the opportunity to snap pictures or shoot video, like the one above.

Another observer, later in the video, pointed out the ‘justice’ in having a man ‘body shamed’ versus a female, which is more often the case — according to the woman. No one seemed to be offended by the display, however.

After a couple of fun-filled hours, as guaged from the crowd’s response, the New York City Parks Department stepped in and removed the statue as it did violate various laws. The bad news for Trump though is that this is hardly the only such statue being ‘erected’ around the country as they have popped up in other cities.  They have all been created by the same sculptor as well. They were created by a Las-Vegas based artist who goes by the name “Ginger.”

He told The Washington Post he spent up to 25 hours each week since April working on the 80-pound statues and googled terms such as “saggy old man butt” during the creative process.

‘Starting on the project and looking at his face day in and day out when I’d come home, I began to build up some resentment,’ Ginger said. ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he made fun of the disabled reporter from the New York Times.’

One person added a sign on Trump’s chest before the statue was removed / destroyed … it read, ‘Trust no politician.’



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