Fiery Nurse Schools Republican Rep On Why Trumpcare Will Hurt All People (VIDEO)

Rep Sensenbrenner
Rep Sensenbrenner

The modern-day Robespierre in the GOP is pulling the biggest reverse Robing Hood con on healthcare known to mankind. As a result, the people are having one collective Howard Beale moment and not taking any of their crap anymore.

After the House cynically passed off a giveaway to millionaires on the backs of the poor and working class, the latest CBO report found that the Obamacare repeal would cripple millions of Americans with any savings going to obscenely rich fat cats in the form of tax cuts. It has to be the biggest betrayal by Trump yet and the sociopath could care less. Many predict that the House bill will die as slow and painful death in the Senate as the people forced to live under Trumpcare.

One nurse is not going to be railroaded by this abortion on paper.

Across the country, Americans are angrily voicing their objections to Trumpcare to their respective Republican Congressmen. Some constituents are so disgusted with this assault on the working class they’ve gotten a little violent towards their greedy Republican reps, but others have mostly just given them a lashing with their tongue.

Take, for example, a nurse out of Wisconsin who showed up at a town hall hosted by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sensenbrenner. Introducing herself only as Kim, she spoke at great length why Trumpcare will not save any money.

Here’s what she said to Rep. Sensenbrenner:

My name is Kim and I’m a nurse. I’m concerned about healthcare and my ability to deliver.  I heard you talking to the media so my question is gonna change. I was wondering when you said, “It is people’s choice whether they purchase health insurance,” right? So someone gets into a bad accident and they’ve chosen not to have insurance, right? According to what you think is right and fair. They end up in my ER and I cannot deny them care. I need to everything in my power to help them. I made that my life’s work, to save lives. I want to know how you can say, in good conscience, that’s gonna ultimately save us money. We’re gonna end up with ER, after ER, after ER. 

Kim is absolutely right! Every economist has pointed out that this will save nobody money and will kill lives so that entitled, rich a-holes can buy bigger yachts. Thankfully, the people are wising up and making sure that these disgusting Republicans are held accountable.

Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture

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