NRA Sidesteps Concerns Regarding The Real-World Cost Of Vegas By Blaming Obama, Video Games and “The Elites”

Instead of talking facts, NRA mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre spent the weekend blaming President Obama, “the elites” and violent video games for the carnage in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock bought 16 of his weapons of mass death in three separate states in the last two years.

He then killed nearly 60, and caused injuries to over 500 people.

The NRA, and those that they work into a frenzy with lies about gun grabs won’t be pulling duty at the morgue. They won’t be paying the life-long medical bills, expenses, and evictions for people unable to work while they recover. For them, the reality of 20 children murdered or 58 concert goers being mowed down is an abstract. In fact, some feel that the deaths are just “the price of freedom,” as Sean Hannity called the Las Vegas massacre.

The harsh reality for the hospitals across this country is that we spend $2.6 billion a year treating victims of gun violence. That’s not an accurate number if we are perfectly honest. Sure we have agencies that specialize in collating such information like the CDC. The problem being that the National Rifle Association does not want the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studying anything to do with guns. What they did was to get the republicans to sneak in a provision which forbids by law, the CDC from even studying the public health consequences of more than 30,000 gun deaths every year. Is there something that scientific data could show even the most compliant and gullible NRA member?

Do Americans have more mental illness than all the other nations combined?

What we do have is more guns per capita than anywhere. Johns Hopkins tried to do an informal study on the costs of gun violence in America but they could not get how much insurance companies were paying out for the victims who survived.

The cost of their medical care is going to be extreme. It will likely cost millions of dollars, money the survivors don’t have to pay for medical costs they should never have had to pay. The saddest part of this is that mass shootings already cost the US billions, “Some estimates put the total annual tab of shootings at well over $100 billion, while others put it even higher.” Las Vegas is just the biggest one in history.

Of course, the NRA does not want an educated populace knowing how much high-capacity semi-automatic rifles are costing them each year. Nor do they want any other restrictions that might impede sales. Quite simply, there is no amount of blood and no amount of horror that will infuse the NRA with any measure of sanity.

Wayne LaPierre gave a rare interview with Face the Nation where he parroted the same old talking points that come after every mass killing. The difference is that these victims were white people at a country music festival. Wayne blamed President Obama, “the elites” and violent video games for the carnage in Las Vegas. Strange that other countries also have “elites” and the same video games but do not have the same mass shootings that we have here in the US.

Steve Scalise gave an interview to Chuck Todd on Sunday where he said, “Because first of all you’ve got to recognize that when there’s a tragedy like this, the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and doing whatever we can to help them, to help law enforcement. We shouldn’t first be thinking of promoting our political agenda.”

Republicans have one response to mass murders, thoughts, and prayers. When they’re not indulging in the Red Dawn fantasy of killing “tyrannical” American soldiers coming to get their guns, perhaps they could pass mandatory gun insurance so the people don’t have to pick up the tab every time some lunatic decided to kill 58 people.

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