NRA News Puppet Ignorantly Tries To Whitesplain Civil Rights To John Lewis (VIDEO)

When people talk about civil rights in America, John Lewis’s name often comes up. Lewis was one of the ‘big six’ leaders along with Martin Luther King Jr. who put themselves on the line to stand up for civil rights in the 1960’s. Indeed, there are few that would even dare question his credentials or knowledge on the subject.

Enter Cam Edwards, Edwards is a host for ‘NRA News’ which is a syndicated radio program that preaches the virtues of unfettered firearm access to serve gun manufacturers and increase their profits. He, of course, knows better about things like civil rights than Lewis, in his mind. Edwards couldn’t hold back from ‘whitesplaining’ the whole deal to Lewis on his program.

‘I don’t know what to call it, a sit-in, again, generally speaking we saw the sit-ins in the civil rights movement that were advocating for individuals being able to enjoy the same rights that other Americans enjoyed, right? That’s what the protests were, that’s what — we’re sitting at this lunch counter and we’re not leaving until we get served. Not we’re sitting at this lunch counter and we’re not leaving until you remove this item from the menu.’  

Edwards continued, ‘We’re going to sit right here and we’re not leaving until you recognize us as human beings, as Americans who have the same rights that that guy has over there and that she has over there. That’s what the sit-ins were about in the civil rights movement. This, on the other hand, this isn’t Congress demanding more rights for Americans, this isn’t Congress demanding rights for themselves, this is Congress demanding power. These are House Democrats demanding the authority and the power to ignore the Fifth Amendment when they see fit, to view the Bill of Rights as an impediment to lawmakers, to treat it as such and to try to degrade. Kind of like what they say with ISIS right?’

Of course, Cam’s analysis is pure nonsense. Leaving all the ISIS and other demagoguery aside, what Lewis and House Democrats were doing was indeed ‘trying to get served.’ The ‘service’ they expect and demand is the same thing that every poll has 80-90 percent of the American people (including majorities with Republicans and NRA members) agreeing with them. While the paranoid NRA host rants about ‘rights being taken away’ it is obvious to most that what the Democrats are trying to obtain are ‘rights’ for all the innocent people, including children, who are killed by senseless gun violence.

Lewis and the House Democrats are demanding a simple up or down vote. The GOP leadership, which control all the rules and ‘rights’ in the House (they have no filibuster power in the lower chamber) refuse to have a vote. Democrats can’t even promise a win on the vote (though they are hopeful) but what is important to them is that the members of Congress are on record — that the American people know where they stand.

Check out Edwards’s rant HERE:

The GOP, of course, want no part of that. Without a vote, they can continue to play games and give voters doublespeak on where exactly they stand on the issues of universal background checks and not allowing people on the ‘terrorist watch list’ to purchase firearms, especially what are referred to as ‘assault style’ weaponry.

Lewis has vowed that the Democrats will ‘be silent any longer’ and plan to continue using whatever tools they have available to force a vote when the House of Representatives reconvenes July 5th. Until then, perhaps Edwards and his ilk should maybe stick to subjects they know about like how to clean your gun and how to build a duck blind and leave the civil rights to people who know about them first hand like John Lewis.


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