No DACA + GDP + USA = SOS: Trump’s Alphabet Problem, Explained

trump daca gdp problem

Donald Trump just wanted to destroy Obama’s legacy, but he’s managed instead to target our GDP. When Trump took out DACA with the stroke of a pen, he may have cost our country almost half a billion dollars.

The Gross Domestic Product is the total of goods and services that a country produces in a year. It is an important indicator of economic growth, and Trump has promised record numbers in the past. Now, though, if Congress can’t get a fix in place for DACA beneficiaries, that promise is going to be even further from reality.

The irony is that destroying DACA hastily will hit really close to home for many that wanted DACA killed. It will also hit Trump’s home territories of New York and Florida (Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago). Those two Congressional districts alone are projected to lose $71 and $105 million dollars annually in GDP, respectively.

Texas, whose Attorney General has been dedicated opponent to the law, stands to lose almost $6.738, annually, if there is no fix put in place. From sea to shining sea, the GDP will take a hit.

According to Think Progress:

Dismantling the program could lead to serious gross domestic product (GDP) losses in congressional districts nationwide, according to the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and Center for American Progress (CAP) calculations(Editor’s note: ThinkProgress is an editorially-independent news site housed within CAP)July 2017 CAP report already shows that taking away all DACA recipients, or an estimated 685,000 workers from the economy would lead to a $460.3 billion drop in GDP over the next ten years.

There doesn’t seem to be any other way to say this, Trump acted without enough information to do something that he didn’t fully understand. Not only did he hurt so many DACA beneficiaries and their families, he has set the nation on a course that no one wanted.

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