‘No American Should Again Stand For The National Anthem’: Radical Or Ethical – You Decide

No one should stand flag keith olbermann

Keith Olberman is never shy about standing on principle, as much as Trump seems to have none that any decent person would want to share. He has made a call, radical or not, that before now would have seemed almost anti-American, yet today we much give it fair consideration.

Olberman shared the GQ video to his twitter, saying, “This isn’t ‘Trump Against Athletes.’ It’s ‘Trump Against The 1st Amendment.’ We will not STAND for this,” and anyone paying attention has to agree. But his very next call is difficult to hear, it seems counter-intuitive, but that is a decision you and each American will have to make.

“No American should again stand for the National Anthem until…” Olbermann’s first words ring out in like a shot. They are harsh, they are rebellious, they are fired by the anger that any true lover of our country and her Constitution feels when the White House attacks our soul. Olberman then resolves the call, “…until our rights to protest are no longer being threatened by this dictator in president’s clothing.”

Is he right? Is this when we take a knee to stay Americans?

“No athlete should stand, no fan, no one. I will not stand, you should not either.”

The flag is our “dearest symbol” an emblem of freedom. Olberman said it best, “Donald Trump is an enemy of that.”

When the country faces the fact that Trump has indeed “abridged the freedom of speech” with his personal attacks on anyone that does not support his agenda, literally opposing the First Amendment, it becomes obvious something must be done.

That something is not in disrespect of this country, nor her flag, nor our near-sacred rights guaranteed by our founders; it is in defense of it.

This country is now lead by a man that demanded the firing of a sports broadcaster for insulting him. That is not American, that is not presidential, and it doesn’t unify our nation.

Perhaps standing up to that will.

This isn’t about BLM, or Kaepernick, of the NFL: it is about our rights to gather, protest, or seek redress. It is about being an American, having values, and standing up for them.

What do you think, is this radical, or ethically required?:

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