After Repeated Denials, New Evidence Emerges Tying Trump To Notorious Mobster (Video)

Exposed: Donald Trump Caught On Video Cavorting With Mobster After Claiming Not To Know Him.

Michael Isikoff, Chief Investigative Reporter for Yahoo News, has unearthed a new video showing Donald Trump with the reputed mob boss, Robert LiButti. This comes on the heels of repeated denials from Trump and his campaign that he knew the now deceased lieutenant of John Gotti, head of modern America’s most notorious crime family. The video shows Trump standing ringside next to LiButti at Wrestlemania, an event at Trump’s Atlantic City casino.

In an interview with Edith Creamer, daughter of the reputed mobster, she tells Isikoff she was also at the event with her father and Trump as his invited guests. The two knew each other very well in her recollection. Trump once even bought a thoroughbred race horse for $500,000 from her father, then reneged on the deal when the horse developed leg problems.

The racehorse was not the reason for the falling-out between the two men according to Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist, David Cay Johnston. He’s written extensively about Trump’s mob ties, including a book, “The Making of Donald Trump.” In it he recounts Trump making unwanted sexual advances at the young woman who complained to her father. Reportedly, LiButti tells Trump he will castrate him (to put it politely) should he try to touch Edith again.

Not one to shy away from making outrageous public statements, LiButti was later banned from any of the state’s casinos for life by the New Jersey Gaming Commission for hateful and derogatory comments about female, black and other employees. Trump even paid a $650,000 fine when a number of those workers filed a claim over the mistreatment by LiButti, and the casino’s unwillingness to address the issues. The final straw for the Gaming Commission can when Robert Libutti bragged on tape that John Gotti was his ‘boss.” Seems they don’t care for mobsters hanging out in their casinos, even high rollers like LiButti.

Given the repeated denials and long documented evidence the two men knew each other, and knew each other well, either Trump has a memory worse than the famously forgetful Ronald Reagan, or else he is simply incapable of telling the truth. In any case, it makes him unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

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Steve Steed is an author, poet and journalist, retired Realtor, dog lover and gay man living in Texas with his husband of many years. He is addicted to politics, social justice and things that go "bump" in the night. He's currently finishing an eight year labor of love, a series of three full-length vampire novels, "Blood," to be published in 2017. The first, "The Sanguine Prince," should debut in Summer.

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