Neil deGrasse Tyson Lectures Trump On Budget Cuts In Epic Twitter Rant

Neil deGrasse Tyson offers lecture on Trump budget cuts

One of America’s great educators and astrophysicists, Neil deGrasse Tyson, often finds himself schooling Trump and his band of the “poorly educated” by resisting the culture of ignorance.

After the release of the proposed budget from the Trump administration, the outspoken advocate for science released a barrage of critical tweets.

In an impassioned call to reason, deGrasse Tyson said that Trump’s budget cuts for health, welfare, and education programs would result in an America that is “weak,” “sick,” and “stupid.”

The well-loved astrophysicist often tweets in a series of fun and informative messages, explaining the science behind public events, such as the recent March 14 “Pi Day,” or the physics of football during the Super Bowl. He usually tosses in a pretty lame science joke just for good measure.

But on Sunday, Neil deGrasse Tyson was not amused and used his platform of over 7 million followers to take on the Trump budget, mocking the former reality TV show host’s catchphrase, “Make America Great Again.”

“The fastest way to Make a America Weak Again: Cut science funds to our agencies that support it.”

“The fastest way to Make America Sick Again: Cut funding to the National Institutes of Health”

“The fastest way to Make America Stupid: Cut funds to programs that support education.”

“The fastest way to thwart Earth’s life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.”

“The fastest way to melt glaciers & flood the World’s coastal cities: Ignore scientists and do nothing to stem the rise of CO2”

“We can all imagine a land that provides no support for Art. But is that a place you’d want to Live? To Visit? To Play?”

“The very best way to support and feed your delusions: Surround yourself with people whose world views match yours exactly.”

“We all want to Make America Great Again. But that won’t happen until we first Make America Smart Again.”

“Make America Smart Again” has been Dr. deGrasse Tyson’s response since Trump won the presidency. Last Wednesday, he appeared on The Late Show and told host Stephen Colbert that he was going to hold back any criticism for the time being. Referring to the climate change denier, Scott Pruitt, who was appointed by Trump to head the Environmental Protection Agency, deGrasse Tyson said:

“I will act when they actually try to put legislation into place. If he puts down some legislation that requires that everyone think that, ooof, hold me back, oh, because then…”

It appears that deGrasse Tyson has heard enough.

Watch deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert discuss Pluto and the possible threats to funding for climate change reversal under the Trump administration.

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