A Special Pledge To Trump


 ~  This is My Pledge  ~

Once you’re sworn in, you will be the 45th President of the United States. The People have spoken. And by “the people,” that includes Vladimir Putin as well.

For the next four years (or as long as you last), I pledge that I will honor the Constitution of the United States and abide by the rule of law. Unless and until you, the incoming Commander-in-Chief violate your oath of office in such an egregious manner that my silence would become a dereliction of my own principles, I shall remain a law-abiding citizen.

But since your values are diametrically opposed to my own and you’ve proven yourself to be a vulgar man with the manners of a hoodlum, and you’ve established your bona fides as a demagogue, a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe and a confessed sex offender, it will be both my pleasure and my duty to oppose your agenda, and that of your equally despicable political party at every turn.

And I vow to never, ever, EVER refer to you as “President Trump.”

You will be Trump. Too many decent, dedicated Americans, many from your own party, earned the right to be called “Mr. President” with blood sweat and tears. They served their country in the Armed Forces. Or as Governors. As Senators. As Congressmen. Even as jurists.

You have not. You worked your way to this perch by bilking hard-working Americans out of their livelihood, and in some cases even out of their homes. What you call a “good deal,” your victims call Grand Theft. And when it came time to debate your opponents during the primaries, you barely touched on the issues. Instead, you slashed and hacked at the reputations of the men and women on the stage as if their own careers were fleeting.

Indeed, to a sociopath, the reputations of others are meaningless. They’re just something else that has to be crushed in order for you to achieve your ends. All that matters to the sociopath is the sociopath. You wanted to win merely for the sake of your own glory. Your shallow dog-whistle promises and the hopes and needs of the nation aside, you’ve achieved your goal.

So congratulations Trump. You and your puppeteer in the shadows pulled it off. And those of us who recognize what you are, as mere citizens, must accept that reality. But if you were any sort of man at all, you might ponder why you’re the first incoming Commander-in-Chief with an approval rating below his election margin. You sir, are already the least-liked president-elect in history, no doubt destined to go down from there. And if there’s any justice in this world, you’ll drag your necrotic political party down with you.

I vow to abide by the advice of Senator Bernie Sanders, and reject the temptation to obstruct your administration for the sake of obstruction alone.

But I also vow to heed the advice of the great statesman and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who when asked by a citizen what he can do to further the cause, told him; “Agitate. Agitate, agitate.”

Prepare for four years of agitation, Trump. That’ll be the price you’ll have to pay for the despicable campaign you ran and the vile creature you are. You are Trump. Nothing more. Just Trump. I swear today, that’s the extent of the respect you’ll ever get from me.



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