Morning Joe And Panel’s Pathetic ‘Defense’ Of Trump’s Lame Visit To Texas

Morning Joe on Wednesday contained one of the most surprising and pathetic “defenses” of Trump’s visit to Texas that has been uttered yet.

As most of our readers know, Trump went down to Texas yesterday to meet with officials to discuss the cataclysmic flooding which has taken place throughout Houston and other portions of the state, due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey. The storm has lingered over the state for nearly a five day period and is considered to have caused the most rainfall to fall in the lower forty-eight in history. Cities such as Rockport and others have been destroyed, and eighteen people lost their lives thus far.

However, when the “President” arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas yesterday, the two things which were noticed by many in the media were how the man did not even mention those eighteen people’s lost lives, nor did he demonstrate much empathy or sympathy to those experiencing trauma due to the historical disaster.

What he did instead, was brag about the size of the crowd which mysteriously showed up to greet him, allowing him to give a rally style speech.  Can anyone say, “disconnect” or “not presidential at all?”

Mike Barnicle from the Morning Joe Show’s panel decided to tackle this blatant failure by Trump, only to have Joe Scarborough only to offer the man this kind of “not a defense.”

Scarborough said:

“It’s just not who he is. I’m not defending him. I’m not saying that’s what most normal human beings do. But nobody can be shocked at Donald Trump.”

This is what is called normalization of the current administration, folks.

Noah Rothman chimed in how it was “a double-standard for people to complain,” about Trump’s lack of empathy, shining a light precisely where the problem is for conservatives when he states regarding Trump:

“He’s sort of damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t.”

But, we’ll get back to that.

As if all that commentary was not like observing something from the Twilight Zone, Scarborough then decided to enter the conspiratorial side of the Republican Party. The very fringe which has taken the party to the place they find themselves today: unable to govern due to this kind of baloney. Also taking the time to attack President Obama.

He states:

“Remember Mika when we were talking to our friends in the Obama White House about getting him (Obama) down to the Gulf Coast during the BP Spill? He (Obama) just was above it. He couldn’t do it. He wanted to go to Chicago for Memorial Day Weekend. So again, I say there are a lot of people complaining about that, but he showed up and in these situations that shines a bright light on the suffering.”

So, let’s review everyone:

According to Joe Scarborough, just because the President shows up we should all stop complaining? Just for doing his job? Are you kidding me? And seriously: one thing President Barack Obama was not was insensitive to national crises. In fact, according to NBC News, Obama did visit the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. Perhaps it was not fast enough for Joe, huh?


Joe has just entered the world of Trumper crazies who have been in social media lately, arguing how “good it was to see the President going down to Texas,” since “Obama did not go down to the gulf for Katrina,” or worse, since “Obama did not go to New York for 9/11.” Both events occurred when Obama was not the president.

Finally, let’s revisit Noah Rothman who actually had the temerity to argue how Mr. Trump is “damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.”

Why didn’t he or any other person from Morning Joe ever articulate those words during the presidency of Barack Obama? While conservatives lied, slandered, and created some of the most bizarre and false conspiracy allegations about the man? And, all the while Republicans in the House and Senate implemented the most elaborate obstructionist scheme in modern-day political history?

Joe Scarborough’s comparison between Trump and Barack Obama supposedly not going down to the gulf because “he was above it,” without citing one single source, is like watching a drunk perform mental acrobatics.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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