MIchael Moore Exposes Trump For What He Is After Congressional Address (Video)

Michael Moore has shown he actually understands people. He understands the people in the “Rust Belt” as well as people like Donald Trump. Back in October, Moore predicted a Trump victory. At the time, many criticized Moore as just posturing and looking for attention. A few weeks later, Moore was vindicated whenTrump shocked the world and won the electoral college, thus becoming President of the United States.

After President Trump gave his first address to Congress and the nation, Moore made an appearance on a special late-night edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews. The host asked Moore about what has become the most talked about moment in that address. the part where Trump pointed to the widow of a Navy Seal and the crowd appropriately responded with great support. While many seem enamored with that moment, Moore saw it a little differently.

“Ryan Owens — his death came as a result of a dinner he had with his son-in-law and a political hack … and then the reporting here on NBC news and other networks and papers of how the intelligence communities said ‘we got nothing out of this’ ya know. But then lie tonight to say ‘ Oh, we got all this treasure trove!’ Then using the widow … and that’s why she is there, as sort of an F.U. to the people who are criticizing him for this. And this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband. She is in desperate grief right now and in love with her husband. And to use that as another notch in his belt — and what’s he thinking about? ‘My (Trump’s) ratings!'”

Moore went on imitating Trump “Record applause “I’m gonna get an Emmy for this. Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch!”

That, in Moore’s opinion, summed up Trump’s essence and sickness.

Matthews asked how such a guy could rise to the Presidency. Moore pointed out that Trump has a Screen Actors Guild card. In other words, he’s an actor or at least a performance artist. He also said that he saw much in common with the mood in the rust belt states as that of what was happening in England with the Brexit vote and the disinformation campaigns that surrounded it. In addition to that, he was also critical of how the Clinton campaign didn’t go to the rust belt states enough, despite what Moore and others were seeing on the ground in Michigan and Wisconsin. He also emphasized how narrowly Trump won Michigan, by three votes per precinct. Along with similar numbers in other rust belt states, that was the difference between victory and defeat. A lesson Democrats should internalize if they wish to win in the future.

His message of hope came towards the end of the segment. He noted that the people organizing, protesting, and jamming switchboards are showing the heart of the #resist movement. Moore stated that “the people will lead the party” going forward. Considering Moore has been an “activist’s activist” for close to 30 years now since his debut with the documentary exposing GM outsourcing, Roger and Me, people might want to start taking some of his advice before bad stuff happens going forward.

Check out these and some of his other poignant remarks below;

Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com


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