‘Mooch Ado About Nothing?’ A Hilarious Farewell To ‘The Mooch,’ Anthony Scaramucci

goodbye mooch General Kelly gives Scaramucci the boot.

The Trump White House staff seems to be dropping like flies. Following the shortest-serving White House chief of staff in American history, Priebus, we now have the firing of Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci after only 10 days. The Mooch’s appointment led to the departure of Sean Spicer as well, but Trump still insisted in the early hours right before this news – “No WH chaos!” on Twitter. Hmmm.

The New York Times reports that General Kelly, who took Reince Priebus’s place today, objected to Scaramucci. Jared and Ivanka wanted The Mooch hired in the first place, perhaps another sign that rampant nepotism in the top levels of our government may lead to questionable decision-making and conflicts.

From The Times:

“While Mr. Kelly’s objection was the decisive factor in Mr. Scaramucci’s departure, people close to the decision said that Mr. Trump had quickly soured on the wisecracking, Long Island-bred former hedge fund manager, and so had his family.”

The latest symptom of a White House in chaos was not lost on Twitter, where some hilarious and thought-provoking Tweets instantly appeared following the news of the Mooch’s surprise booting.

First up, Ana Navarro from CNN:

“I’ve literally had zits that last longer than Scaramucci did in the White House. Then again, that guy was a zit on common decency.”

Comic Tommy Campbell:

“Anthony Scaramucci can now devote his time to writing an epic tell-all paragraph about his time working at the White House.”

Screenwriter of Mrs. Doubtfire, Randi Mayem Singer:

“I’ve had orgasms last longer than Mooch.”

The Palmer Report suggests Spicer had this in mind all along:

“Sean Spicer, whose resignation won’t take effect til August, has technically outlasted Scaramucci, who was fired today. Spicer is a genius.”

Writer Marisa Kabas makes us all cringe for the vulgar Trump loyalist:

“scaramucci missed the birth of his child to attend trump’s boy scout speech. #worthit”

Pollster Matt McDermott raises an interesting point. It really wasn’t clear if Scaramucci was officially hired in the first place, was it? Was he put in place just to get rid of Priebus?

“Question in hindsight: why were press referring to Scaramucci as “Communications Director” when it’s clear he never officially held the job?”

White House Correspondent for the NY Times, Maggie Haberman seems to have the same idea about Scaramucci. Was he just an “instrument” used by Trump?:

“There are two types of non-family members in Trumpworld. Permanents & instruments. Sometimes instruments mistakenly think they’re permanents”

Journalist Ben Hartman, with a short Tweet that might make you spit out your coffee laughing:

“Mooch ado about nothing”

You really have to wonder how this chain of events is being handled by Scaramucci. We’ll no doubt find out soon, but in the meantime, as the radio host, Fernand Amandi put it:

“Serious Q here. His wife just divorced him & just fired by Trump in the most humiliating manner possible. Should we worry about @Scaramucci?”

Writer Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker suggests a possible replacement, given the state of Trump’s White House:

“Next up for WH Communications Director . . . the drummer in Spinal Tap.”

Journalist Sam Biddle suggested another possibility for replacement (“Overwatch” is a popular video game.) :

“scaramucci’s replacement is gonna be some youtube streamer who doesn’t think there should be a muslim overwatch character”

National Correspondent Peter Alexander for NBC breaks down the short lives of the WH staff:

And as March For Truth organizer Holly O’Reilly shows us, in the Trump world, the WH and staff seem to troll itself with Tweets from the past, just about every time:

Finally, humorous resistance leader, Diane N. Sevenay leaves us with a view from the shrubbery:

“As #Scaramucci was escorted from the White House, it was almost as if the bushes were laughing at him…”

Featured image viaWikimedia Commons,  General Kelly, & Scaramucci screenshot via YouTube with “Manuel kicking!” by Edmond Wells (CC 2.0) – altered

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