Like The Mob Running The Country: Scaramucci’s Insane CNN Interview

Anthony Scaramucci, White House Communications Director

As ANX’s Elisabeth Parker reported this morning, the Trump White House appears to be imploding, as Scaramucci, Trump’s “Mini Me,” has begun attacking Reince Priebus on Twitter. According to political writer Yashar Ali, writer Ryan Lizza appeared on CNN talking about the implosion when Anthony Scaramucci called in to talk to him. Ali tweeted about the nature of the conversation. Joy Reid of MSNBC reacted by saying, “My god… what the actual hell is happening…”

Yashar Ali reveals that Scaramucci read a Trump statement to Ryan Lizza that Trump will allow Christopher C. Cuomo to “come back on” if he’s nice to Trump. Television journalist Cuomo was described, or rather verbally bullied, as “a boiler waiting to explode, a “chained lunatic,” and “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting” by Trump. Cuomo has been in heated debates with Trump’s lawyer recently over the firing of James Comey.

Yashar Ali then reported that Scaramucci knows who the White House leakers are, and called them treasonous: “just now: “150 years ago people would have been hung for these leaks…they’re treasonous”

Then the conversation apparently went in a totally different erratic direction: “says he told POTUS this morning “I can’t be a sycophant to you sir.” and “Scaramucci: “The fish stinks from the head.”

Scaramucci then took it in a Biblical direction: “Now Scaramucci is comparing his relationship with Reince to Cain and Abel…H/T @VickyPJWard”

Yashar interjects that he believes The Mooch has called into a morning show to have a “therapy session.”

Scaramucci called Cuomo “unprofessional,” and sarcastically said, “Oh, so you’re a proofreader now?” He went on to strangely quote disgraced former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, recalling his “honor.” Apparently, Scaramucci was unaware that Joe Paterno’s career ended as a result of a Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

Unbelievably, Scaramucci goes on to attack the CIA, claiming that “[Trump] may decide to veto “the sanction on Russia and be tougher on the Russians than Congress,” and makes a very dramatic metaphor: “When the iceberg hits the boat…the rats come up from steerage.”

There were other revelations you’ll want to see yourself, including this one: “@DavidChalian just now: This half hour was all about Scaramucci and not the President. It’s not supposed to be this way.” Chalian is Political Director at CNN. How will Trump respond now that it appears The Mooch is stealing the spotlight?

Ryan Lizza compared the interview to the movie, Annie Hall, in a surreal scene when Woody Allen meets noted intellectual Marshall McLuhan. Woody pulls McLuhan over in person to offer a rebuke to a critic after getting a lengthy earful of self-important and maddening pontifications about filmmaking.

The dramatic events from Scaramucci are already beyond what we could have expected for the new White House Communications Director after just a few days. One Twitter user aptly put it:

“This is like the mob running the country. Oh wait, it is.”

See the interview in the videos below:

Featured image: Scaramucci from Wikipedia

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