Mansplaining Troglodyte Makes Misogynistic Post And Gets Reamed By The Internet

Meet Brian Williams, an African-American man from Louisiana who posted on Facebook that he doesn't find black women with college degrees at all attractive.

Meet Brian Williams, an African-American man from Louisiana who posted on Facebook that he doesn’t find black women with college degrees at all attractive. Why? Because they threaten what he sees as his role as a “protector” or a “provider”

This did not go over well.

“The fact that you ‘have a degree’ isn’t really attractive to most men who are looking for a mate,” Brian Williams wrote on Saturday in a Facebook post loaded with emojis. Yes. Emojis.

“Why??” he asked. It’s  “simple.” He then goes on to answer the question his intended audience of black women with college degrees hadn’t asked.

Receiving degrees ??‍? (although we are happy as hell you got it because we LOVE to see our sisters achieving ✊??) is usually associated with an increase in earning potential ??, right?

You’d think Brian Williams would want a wife who earns more money. But no.

That would be attractive to someone who was looking for a provider.

Straight men aren’t looking for protectors or providers. Those are OUR jobs. ??

He then goes on to list some desirable traits he doesn’t believe women with college degrees could possibly have.

We are much more attracted to women displaying traits like compassion, understanding, compatibility, femininity??, common sense, and loyalty: things that cannot be taught in a lecture hall or verified with a diploma.??


Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

And an earlier post confirms where this bestower of unwanted advice sits on the MRA spectrum.

There's a direct correlation between how sexy a woman is and how much bullshit, drama, flaking, and general nonsense a man will endure from that woman. If she's a 9, we gonna accept way more than if she's a 4. Some of y'all used to be dimes in college and got away with a lot of game-playing, but that was 20 years ago. You're now a nickel, so you should definitely: - Answer texts faster - Pay for dates - Don't expect special treatment And certainly - Give up the pussy faster Than you used to. Stop wasting these men's time, they need that time to pursue the cute girls.

Black women with college degrees and their allies tear Brian Williams’ Facebook post to shreds.

Brian Williams isn’t famous and doesn’t appear to have a huge following. Yet his post still managed to attract a lot of attention. Especially from the black women with college degrees who felt disrespected. He first unleashed his old fogey views on the world on Saturday. Four days later, he racked up 503 comments, most of them from people who mostly had nothing nice to say.

Apparently, he enjoys the attention since he hasn’t taken the post down or made it private so far.  One man offered a warning: ” They coming for this man bruh ??????????”

 Warning about college degrees comment: They coming for this man bruh ??????????

Others weren’t so kind.

Dumb and bye. A man that doesn't appreciate the struggle of a black woman getting higher education is dumb as hell.

Is this guy fucking serious? he has to be kidding. Please roast the man because what he said is pure nonsense.

Don't like women with college degrees? Step up. "Black women are exceeding black men when it comes to education. So, instead of trying to catch up, you want to remain stupid af and keep us down with you? No thank you struggle face. I'll keep my degrees and find a man who appreciates my intelligence."

  And you a grown ass man using emojis in a status tryna lecture women about being educated. If you don't take your trash ass on.

This is proof men hate smart and/or educated women. Weak ass beta men do, but I see the value in a woman pursuing something bigger than the status quo. #powercouplelife Alpha males can be this too, they do it a lot.

100% sure that no woman pays thousands of dollars for a degree to impress some dude. #LevelUp

Some pointed out that they’ve found no shortage of men who love and support women and their college degrees.

Rotflmao! Wait...this wasn't a joke? I mean, don't include all men in this because I know plenty of men who appreciate the fact that their HELPmate makes great money and contributes to the family's husband included. Not only can I fry the bacon up in a pan, but I can bring it home and add it to his the whole family is getting fed. ??‍♀️

Hmmm, men dont like women with degrees? Then why was my fiancee at my graduation last year watching me walk across the stage and get my degree? ? Must only be niggas like you and your cohorts that are threatened by educated women cause you know we wont put up with this bullshit :)

Plenty of men also stepped up to the plate to defend successful women.

An educated black woman is the sexiest woman on earth.

Like women ain't getting degrees for men but novel concept fam, they get degrees for themselves   Don't be mad cause these women stunting with shit they earned. Quit hating my dude and grow

A wOMAn KAnt aTtrack No mAn wiTh a DegRee

Real men aren't intimidated by strong women

Annnnd….Release the memes!

MEME: Clock with all stop signs on the hour. Oh my, look at the time.

MEME: MEME: Am I being a condescending male chauvinist asshole? No. It's all the women on earth that are wrong.

MEME: Chef Oh Boy you don't.

MEME: Bitch, who asked you?

MEME: Uh oh someone sent me a box of masculinity again (marked FRAGILE).

A  handful of people chimed in to say they didn’t think what Brian Williams had to say was so terrible. But their comments got swiftly buried in the torrent of scorn.

Featured image: cc 2012 College Degrees 360 via Flickr.

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