Mike Pence Gives An Outrageous Answer To An 11 Year Old Girl Worried About Misogyny (VIDEO)

Much of the media have been focused on Donald Trump and his controversies involving unwanted advances alleged by at least eight women at this point. Furthermore, most of the American people have been focused on it as well, regardless if they believe the women or not. One guy, Mike Pence, is acting like we are living in an alternate universe where none of these realities exist. If anyone is ‘whistling past the graveyard’ it is Mike Pence.

Case in point … A local rural Pennsylvania TV station was doing an interview with Pence when he appeared in the area (over the border in Ohio) this week. The anchor asked Pence a very direct question about the controversy. The 11-year-old girl (unsolicited) expressed her concern about all the misogyny that is surrounding the campaign. According to the anchor,  it was making her self-esteem suffer. Did Pence reassure the girl that his partner, Donald Trump was a decent man and all of these allegations were false? Did he apologize to her and assure her that a Trump / Pence administration would actively work against such behavior so she and others like her would grow up feeling good about themselves?

Of course, he didn’t.

Pence took the girl’s question and immediately tossed it in the trash heap.  Pence then broke into what came off as pre-written talking points that he had memorized. Talking points that some might argue aren’t appropriate for an 11-year-old girl. Pence told the girl that her ‘self-esteem’ would improve because he and Trump would have new foreign policy objectives, fighting terrorism and putting more cops on the street.

Seriously, he said that — to an 11-year-old girl scout who feels bad about herself due to Trump’s statements about women.

On one hand, his answer is ridiculous and a non-sequitur. On a deeper level, if one wanted some confirmation that the stories being told about Trump since his claim that he never actually acted upon what he boasted about on the Access Hollywood bus with Billy Bush, they got it here. Pence said after the video surfaced that he could not and would not defend Trump’s behavior. He seems to have stuck to his word. He won’t defend it because Pence knows there is no defense, apparently. At least that is the way he comes off by totally ignoring the question and going straight to his talking points.

Check out Pence in his own words in the video below;

I am sure that the girl scout and other girls like her will be looking in the mirror thinking about how Trump’s foreign policy will make her feel better about herself.


Featured image via the video above. Fair use rules apply. 

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