Michelle Obama Tells America The ULTIMATE Way ‘To Go High When They Go Low’ (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama joined Hillary Clinton today in North Carolina. After the former First Lady gave a very complimentary speech about the current First Lady, Mrs. Obama took the stage and showed why she might be the best surrogate anyone has had in a long time. She was simply enthralling and inspirational.

She asked the crowd to consider what kind of person they should support to be President. Mrs. Obama then laid out a whole host of reasons that Clinton is that person, as we would all expect. But perhaps the best part of her remarks came towards the end. She reminded the crowd in North Carolina how razor thin the margins were in individual precincts in the 2008 and 2012 elections. When they won, the average was by just two votes per district. When they lost, it was by 17 votes per district. This, she argued, make it crystal clear that indeed every vote does matter. It isn’t about national numbers or even state numbers quite often, it comes down to the individual precincts where a few votes can make all the different. That aside from the local races where the only votes that matter are in that district. Those races especially, as she said ‘are decided on a razor’s edge.’

She then told the crowd exactly how they can ‘go high’ when they go ‘low.’


She also strongly suggested that after they vote — volunteer. Make phone calls, help people get to the polls, and whatever else needs to be done to bring victory on November 8th.

‘I want you to remember that folks marched and protested for our right to vote. they endured beatings and jail time. They sacrificed their lives for this right.’ She said, adding ‘casting our vote is the ultimate way that we go high when they go low. Voting is our high.’

She declared that turnout would be the difference in the election. She also asked the crowd not to be discouraged by all the negativity in the election and electing Clinton would bring better days ahead.

On a more ‘American’ vs ‘partisan’ note, Obama spoke about how she and Barack had gone into neighborhoods, deeply conservative places where the people ‘disagreed with just about everything they said.’ Michelle spoke about how the folks who might be on the other side of the aisle are not our enemies but our family and friends and Americans as well. She suggested that we work to come together beyond the election and listen to each other to create a stronger and more hopeful future for all of us.

‘When it comes to what really matters, when it comes to our hopes and dreams for our children, we are just not that different.’ 

Check out some highlights from Michelle Obama’s speech in Winston-Salem below;

Featured image via screen capture from the above video. 



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