Mexican Restaurants Taunt Trump With “Hombre Specials” (TWEETS)

First there was the taco truck menace threatened by Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez. Now Mexican restaurants across the country are capitalizing “bigly”on Trump’s debate claim that there are some “bad hombres here.”

The Grubhouse in Philadelphia tweeted:

To order the “Bad Hombre” online, they ask patrons to “just select a Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, and write ‘bad hombre’ in special instructions. Gracias!”

The El Corazon taco truck in Portland, Maine has a new “bad hombre burrito” loaded with “carnitas, asada, grilled onions, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream, beans, rice, and extra hot salsa.”


Rosepepper Cantina in Nashville is welcoming “nasty women” and “bad hombres” for drink specials. They don’t even mind if you bring puppets along to help you drink your cocktail. You might need to since their “Nasty Woman” is made with a potent, but well-aged tequila.

What makes this turn of events extra delicious is that while Mexican restaurants and food trucks are cashing in on Trump, his remarks cost him a restaurant deal. While Trump believed his comments on Mexican immigrants would “attract customers” to the restaurant in his D.C. hotel,  Chef Geoffrey Zakarian pulled out of the restaurant venture. Zakarian said Trump’s comments about Mexicans and immigrants didn’t resonate with his “core values.” Trump, through his subsidiary operating the hotel, sued Zakarian. He alleged the broken deal cost him more than $10 million.

This September the public was able to view Trump’s deposition in the Zakarian lawsuit. Not only did viewers discover that Trump’s comments regarding Mexicans were unscripted ,but that he did not give any thought  to how his polarizing language would impact his own businesses. When asked pointedly if he had reflected on how his statements would affect his hotels, he answered:

“No. No , I didn’t. I didn’t at all”

His thoughtlessness may have cost him millions, but it’s helping more Americans than ever appreciate Mexican food.


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