Melania Trump’s $51 Thousand Dollar Ugly Jacket Isn’t The Problem

Melania's jacket
Melania's 51K dollar jacket isn't the problem.

Melania Trump wore a very ugly, extremely expensive, jacket to meet the other wives at the G7 Summit. By extremely ugly, we mean it would embarrass your great aunt with the floral furniture trapped under sharply crinkling vinyl covers and a giant owl pin with macrame-ed gold painted elbow noodles and accidental blue hair. By expensive, we mean more than over half of all Americans will make in a year. This hideous floral nightmare by Dolce and Gabbana costs $51,500 dollars:

But, the coat isn’t the real problem. It is a symptom. She really doesn’t understand that by wearing what to most Americans would be almost a year and a half of income — especially while her husband tries to take healthcare, social safety nets and meals from those same people — she has shown that they just can not even grasp the problem. If they do understand it, then this tasteless display of wealth while stripping Americans of what little they have is even worse.

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They spend millions upon millions on living large in gold plated resorts, golf courses and unnecessary, expensive travel from our pockets. Taking taxpayer money to keep their life just as comfortable, just as feted and spoiled as it always was. Keeping their son in an exclusive, high-dollar school and the family in two luxurious accomodations. Only now, they do it while they fight to end equality in schools that take federal funding, while they fight to strip tens of millions of healthcare. While they try to dismantle children’s healthcare, SNAP, and Medicaid.

But hey, its just a jacket, right?

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