Kate McKinnon/SNL Dives Straight Into Our National Mourning — Hallelujah (VIDEO)

In a stunning tribute to our national mourning for our almost elected first female president, Hillary Clinton and the passing of our beloved national bard of the soul, Leonard Cohen, Kate McKinnon opened Saturday Night Live with uncharacteristic sobriety, sitting simply and with great dignity at the piano in a white suit honoring the suffragette movement and quietly singing what is quickly becoming our new national anthem, “Hallelujah.”


It is a model for quiet, deep, and dignified expression of that deep sadness shared in public universally among decent people everywhere at the second theft of our highest office. It is a model for quiet, deep, and dignified expression at the passing of one who for many of the Baby Boom generation saved our souls living in hamlets and big cities alike during the difficult neo-fascist times of the 1960s, where in spite of the opposition, we passed the Civil Rights Act.  In spite of nearly a decade of struggle, we did stop the Vietnam War.

Unwilling to lower his sublime level of symbolism and wit to meet a popular understanding, Cohen set a wonderfully high bar for those struggling with the complex problems of the young intelligent seeking people constantly pulled down by the peer pressure to conform and fit in to an unacceptable mold.  Cohen, who died last week at 82, was buried in his native Montreal.

She isn't going anywhere, and neither should we.
She isn’t going anywhere, and neither should we.
Leonard Cohen, poet/bard of a generation
Leonard Cohen, poet/bard of a generation

This link leads you to videos of Cohen’s 20 most popular songs, from “Suzanne” and “Hallelujah” to “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton, very much alive, was seen walking her dog with her husband in the woods near her home in Chappaqua, New York, this week.

 McKinnon concludes.  I’m not giving up, and neither should you.

Because, my friends, Truth hasn’t gone anywhere.  The facts are still the facts.  Science is still science.  Justice hasn’t been erased as a vision.  Equality is simply a fact, like climate change and overpopulation.  Love trumps hate.  We are truly stronger together.  Everything we’ve fought for, everything we’ve stood for, everything we believe in — it’s all still there.  Who we are and what we believe in, if anything, has become more pronounced in this past week.  The good news?  We will.  HallelujahHallelujah.  Hallelujah.

–Grace Harwood
Images of Amazing Grace
Oakland, California


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