McCrory Alleges Springsteen Cancelled NC Concerts Due to Poor Sales

Gov. Pat McCrory implied that Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert in Greensboro NC not because of outrage over the controversial HB2, but because of lack of sales. McCrory was discussing critics of HB2 on a morning radio appearance May 3. On the The John Boy and Billy Big Show, McCrory said:

“I love his music. But he canceled a concert in Greensboro. By the way, they only had 8,000 tickets sold, with all respect. Hmm. But Bruce doesn’t mention that. They didn’t get the ticket sales they wanted.”

There’s only one problem with that statement. It’s completely false.

The Greensboro Coliseum, where he had been scheduled to play, can seat more than 20,000 people. Andrew Brown, the arena’s PR director, told PolitiFact that Springsteen had sold more than 15,000 tickets. Brown added that were fewer than 100 tickets left when Springsteen cancelled his Greenboro concert.

McCrory later apologized for his “faux pas.” In an email to PolitiFact North Carolina, McCrory’s spokeman, Josh Ellis, wrote:

“The governor apologizes for using the wrong number. It’s too bad Bruce Springsteen actually canceled on nearly 15,000 people at the last minute. Regardless, the governor is still keeping his Springsteen albums despite their political disagreements.”

I know we will all sleep a lot better knowing that McCrory isn’t going to hold this against the Boss who hasn’t done anything actually wrong.

Incidentally, McCrory accused the Boss not just of underselling but also not being smart enough to understand HB2. He said,  “For him to cancel the concert, two days before the concert, over a bathroom policy — I doubt he read it. I doubt he understands it.” For that statement, he has yet to apologize.

Feature image: via Wikimedia Commons



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